Spoiler alert (the first part contains a detailed description of the episode)

     This episode picks up with Rahzel’s father showing up in the town where the group has stopped, he decides to throw a birthday party for her (Rahzel turns 15, the age of adulthood in that world). At the party we find out that Baroqueheat is Rahzel’s father’s younger brother, so that makes them uncle and niece (very interesting after the events of the last several episodes). After several minutes of playful behavior between Baroqueheat and his brother, Alzeid gets angry because he did not know the situation and he demands a formal introduction, but Rahzel’s father says no since they will never meet again after tomorrow, because he is taking Rahzel home after the party.

     Later, Baroqueheat tells Alzeid that his brother’s name is Seratildo. At the party Rahzel asks her father why he has the right to invade her freedom after tossing her out of their house which was his right to do? He tells her that he won’t tell her why but she should listen to him because it’s his right to be selfish. Later that night, Rahzel takes Alzeid and Baroqueheat into the woods to show them the place where she was reborn from Lazensha Rose (her birth name) to Rahzel, she also tells them her life story and how she meet her current father. Then she tells them goodbye and that she loves them, but she must also go back with her father because she owes him that much for saving her live and raising her. The next day Alzeid is out shopping for a gift for Rahzel and he runs into a guy that might possibly have been Rahzel’s real father, he says that he’s out buying a gift for the daughter he abandoned long ago. Then we get some internal dialog from Rahzel’s real father about the events leading up to his wife’s death and his abandoning of his daughter. 

     Baroqueheat sees Rahzel and his brother off at the train station, and she tells Baroqueheat to give Alzeid her best as the train is leaving leaving. Alzeid starts to think that it’s just fine that they are left with nostalgic memories of each other, but then he changes his mind rushes after the departing train and yells to Rahzel that if she abandons them than she’s no longer a comrade. Upon hearing this Rahzel gets angry and leaps off the train onto Alzeid, and then she asks him how could he say that. Alzeid tells her that he can’t consider someone a comrade who he’ll never sees again, someone he won’t know how their doing, or if there are dead or alive, and so forth. A tearful Rahzel asks him if she should disobey her father and continue with them, and he basically tells her that it’s her decision to go forward or stay in sadness. Rahzel chooses to stay with Alzeid and Baroqueheat and continue their journey together and pledges to make their boring lives more interesting and lively. The episode ends with someone showing up at Rahzel’s real father’s house and killing him, and then he says that the fun’s over for Rahzel and now the real trials start. Well, that’s all for this episode below are some screen shots.

     Well, the last episode of the first season of Hatenko Yuugi  tied up a lot of loose plot strings but left more unanswered plot strings for a second season, well at least I hope there will be a second season. There were three main points to this episode.

  1. The sins of the father are paid for by the children.
  2. Alzeid acknowledgement of his attraction to Rahzel.
  3. Rahzel’s becoming an adult.

     Firstly, Rahzel’s real father admits that his fear of his wife’s growing insanity and his daughter’s magic use made the situation grown worse, his direct cowardliness caused the killing of his wife by his daughter to occur. Then his giving into his fear of Rahzel caused him to abandon her in the forest for dead, even though he goes back for her it’s already too late, Rahzel’s new father rescues her, and Rahzel is left to deal with the guilt of killing her mother for the rest of her life.

     Secondly, Alzeid is forced to come to grips with his silent attraction to Rahzel, everyone knew it was going to happen sooner or later, as the saying goes opposites attract. Rahzel and Alzeid are good for each other, Alzeid’s quiet, think everything over, don’t act hasty nature is the perfect calming force to temper Rahzel’s jump into the “shit” without thinking nature. Rahzel’s outgoing, fun loving, and friendly nature is just the tonic that the dour Alzeid needs, as I said before they are good for each other.

     Lastly, in this episode Rahzel becomes an adult, even though she turned 15 (the age of adulthood in that world) the day before, she truly was still a child. At the party when she asked her father how after tossing her out of the house he can just show up and snap his finger and demand she follows him home, she accepts his answer of I’m your father and I can be selfish, only a child would accept such an answer. But at the end when Alzeid asks her if she wants to come with them, or stay in sadness, she is forced to make a choice with her father watching, she decides to go with them instead of following her father’s unexplained orders, she made an adult decision. No parent would truly expect an “adult” child to just to shut up and do what your told without any explanation, parents will always be parents and they will try to guide their children, but there comes a time, for good or bad, when a parent must let a child spread their wings and live and learn on their own.