This episode begins with Nagisa waking from a dream about the prism stones and so forth, when Nagisa wakes up Mepple uses flattery on her to get fed. Then we see that Pissard is still alive and he begs for one more chance to defeat the two girls, already his evil companions are plotting about his impending defeat behind his back. Later, Nagisa takes Mepple to Honoka’s house so he can see Mipple, when the two get all lovey-dovey Nagisa and Honoka talk about boyfriends, or lack of them, Honoka tells Nagisa that she gets 1-2 love letter per month, Nagisa complains that the only love letters she gets are from girls.

     Mepple and Mipple both run back to the girls saying that they feel bad vibes coming, the girls fear that Pissard has returned, but it ends up only being two creepy guys with bad pickup lines, after Honoka goes off on the rude guys the girls head out to get something to eat, where they stop at Akane’s tako cafe, Akane is a friend of Nagisa, many years ago she was a former captain of the same lacrosse team that Nagisa is now on. Later, the girls hangout for awhile then they decide to head home, and we see that Pissard seems to be stalking Honoka.

     Nagisa realizes that she still has something of Honoka’s and decides to return it to her, she goes to Honoka’s house but she’s not home, Honoka is being chased by Pissard. After a long chase, Pissard finally corners Nagisa and demands that she turn the prism stone over, he says he’ll spare her life if she does that, but she refuses. He beats her up some than takes Mipple away from her and just as he’s about to kill her Nagisa shows up to stop him.

     Pissard gives Mipple back to Honoka so they can transform and fight him at full power. The girls transform and give battle to Pissard, they fight in the streets, on top of a moving train, and finally in a vacant field, Pissard seems to be beating them pretty handily. He says that whoever begs for mercy first will be spared, the girls decline and attack him with their marble screw energy attack and he counters with his own energy attack, the two attacks are balanced and Pissard tells them that one side will win and one side will lose. The two forces battle for supremacy and finally Nagisa’s and Honoka’s attack overwhelms Pissard and he disappears in a cloud of dark vapors leaving behind a green crystal which turns out to be a prism stone, Honoka is very upset about killing Pissard, but Mipple tells her that he’s not dead but permanently banished to the dark zone unable to return to that shape again. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.

     Well, episode five of Pretty Cure finishes off the Pissard arch, after many battles the girls finally defeat him for good. In this episode the girls continue the getting to know you stage of their relationship, even though Honoka and Nagisa attend the same school they basically come from different worlds and have almost completely different personality types.

     What I find interesting about the two girls is that their acceptance of and dedication to their mission is almost completely opposite to their personality types, one would assume that Honoka, the quieter and more reserved of the two girls would have the more cautious and doubting attitude towards their mission but she seems to have completely dedicated herself to protecting Mipple and recovering the prism stones. Nagisa, on the other hand still tries to come to grips with the mission laid out before her, she still has her doubts and uncertainties about what she has to do.

     Now I’ll do a further comparison to Sailor Moon which this anime is often compared to, while Nagisa and Honoka seem more powerful than the Sailor Moon girls, their Marble Screw attack is very powerful but I think that they have several weaknesses that the Sailor Moon girls didn’t have. Firstly, Nagisa and Honoka must be together to transform and fight, so if the enemy catches them alone they are in real trouble, and secondly, their most powerful attack Pretty Cure Marble Screw requires them to both be involved so If one of them is knocked senseless that attack is useless. In the Sailor Moon anime the girls could transform and fight on their own, and they also had several additional attacks that they could use other than physical combat.

     In some ways Pretty Cure is a kinder and gentler anime than Sailor Moon because when it comes to killing the enemy Nagisa and Honoka are given a free pass, when the girls finally destroy Pissard Mipple tells them that he is only permanently banished to the dusk zone, while in Sailor Moon the girls for the most part killed the enemy for good, or watched the bad guys really die, I know that it’s only small difference but I think that it’s really a major one, it eases one’s mind to know your enemy just goes away versus you having to live with the knowledge that you really killed them.