Well, this episode begins with Aka practicing lines for a job which doesn’t go very well, it turns out that the job was for an adult H-game, she asks her agent if there’s any better jobs out there. Later, during coffee her agent tells her that over 10,000 people take schooling for voice acting every year, and that her company only hires 1-2 new people per year so she should be glad for the work. She Also tells Aka that at her current point in her career she doesn’t have a choice between good jobs or bad jobs.

     Aka’s agent tells her she needs to get used to sex scenes so she should get her boyfriend to help out, but Aka tells her that she really doesn’t have a boyfriend, so then next thing you know is that Aka is renting a hentai anime to watch back at the apartment. When Matsumaru gets home Aka is embarrassed about the tape and hides it from him.

     Later on, Matsumaru jokingly tells Aka since it’s so cold they should sleep together, Aka remembering what her agent said about a boyfriend says yes lets sleep together. While they are in bed Matsumaru gets a little confused, should he go slow or be aggressive, he doesn’t want to ruin it and end up making no progress in their relationship. Matsumaru finds the tape and he thinks that Aka desires aren’t being filled and just as he’s about to ask her, she breaks down and confesses about her job and the problems she’s having, oh well.

     After he helps her practice for her job, she does just fine the next day, but she confesses to her agent that it was just dumb luck. She says that the director like her shyness in her acting, but she tells her agent that she really was just shy and that she needs to work harder. But, her agent says that’s part of the job, creating illusion, creating fantasy from nothing, and that her boyfriend must have helped her, that embarrasses Aka. Poor Matsumaru, he was a big help but not in the way he wanted. Well, that’s all for this episode.