This episode picks up with Aka and Matsumaru continuing the ad campaign for the chips at a shopping mall, they are forced to take a break when a live TV show will be filming on location for about 10 minutes, Matsumaru tells Aka that she should be seen if she wants to become more popular.

     After they goof around by the TV shoot,  they going crashing into the live television broadcast causing a large commotion and they end up on live TV. Back at his office Matsumaru is busy offering his apologies to his boss, but it looks like it turns out OK because their getting a huge amount of orders after the TV show debacle. The snacks are selling like crazy, Aka’s all over the Internet, and the TV show thing is being played everywhere. Matsumaru is given a job well done by his boss, and Aka gets a minor guest role on a anime show, it looks like things are looking up for both of them.

     Later, Aka’s agents tells her not to worry about everybody seeing her panties on TV, because it got her a chance to do some good work, but she needs to worry because if she doesn’t do a good job on new roles her reputation will slip and she won’t be give a chance at new roles. With the growing success of both Aka and Matsumaru they become much busier and don’t get  a chance to see each other much, even though their living together. On Sunday morning they get into a little bit of a fight and Aka tells Matsumaru that she’ll be moving out once she earns some more money.


     Later, as Aka’s walking to work, at first she blames the problems on him, but then she admits to herself that she might have been using him for her own gain. Aka has problems at her job and the entire crew has to take a break, her agent sits her down for a talk. Her agent asks if it’s boyfriend trouble, and again Aka denies she has one, her agent tells her sooner or later she has to be truthful with herself, if she wants to breakup she has to do it. Aka tells her that she doesn’t want to breakup, and both Aka and Matsumaru are in a quandary about whether or not their relationship can be repaired. Well, that’s all for this episode.

     Well, the issue of Matsumaru and Aka status is coming to a head, it’s really a confusing situation for both parties. When Aka asks Matsumaru if any girl would have done the trick it really made him think about what he thinks of her, and Aka’s realization that she might just be using him for room and board shakes her up too. In the end I think that they both come to understand that they need each other, but neither of them knows how to repair the damage done.