Well, this episode picks up a few days after Matsumaru’s and Aka’s fight, and Aka been living at her management firms office. She gets sent on an assignment for the chip campaign, and Matsumaru gets assigned to go along to represent the ad firm too, neither of them has seen each other for awhile.

     On the train ride to the promotion site, Aka and Matsumaru never say a word to each other even though their sitting right across from one another. At the hotel the promotion crew has dinner and drinks together, but Aka excuses herself and leaves almost right away, when Matsumaru and Aka’s agent are alone she tells him about how Aka’s been doing and that she thinks that Aka really doesn’t want to find another place to live. Later Aka and Matsumaru think over what their relationship meant to each other, then they run into each other in a mixed onsen (hot spring) and just as they are about to confess their feelings to each other, one of Matsumaru’s work colleagues shows up forcing Aka to leave.

     Later Aka learns that she’s been accepted for a year long TV role so she’ll only be able record the chip ads in advance, meaning that since she still likes Matsumaru she’ll see even less of him. Aka’s agent sees that Aka is about to cry leaves her alone in the room. 

    At that moment, Matsumaru runs into Aka’s agent and she tells him about what happened and that he should go see Aka. When he enters the room and sees Aka they have an uncomfortable short moment of silence then they straighten out both their work and personal issues, and just as their about to ?  the agent comes in and tells them that fixing work and love problems are her speciality. Then at the end of the episode Matsumaru tells Aka he misses her and Aka agrees to move back in with Matsumaru. Well, That’s all for this episode.

     Well, in this episode Aka and Matsumaru were forced to come to terms with what they feel about each other, when Aka asked Matsumaru last episode if any girl would do he didn’t answer her at that time. But, this time he was able to tell her that just any girl wouldn’t do and it has to be her. Also, in the last episode Aka asked herself if she was just using Matsumaru for room and board or did he mean something more to her, and she admitted to herself that she doesn’t know if it’s love or not but when she’s with him even the bad times feel a lot better. In my opinion most of their problems would have been solved if they would have told each other how they felt earlier, but I guess that’s why I like these type of romantic comedies.