This new anime series is produced by Madhouse and it starts out with an unnamed boy/young man (on name yet) awaking in a chamber/room, he seems to have no memory of himself or how he got there. He soon notices that he has a hole going through the the center of his chest, and that he is also wearing a necklace that holds a locket containing a blurry picture of a girl. After a short period of time many strange events occur around him and he soon flees the chamber on the back of a ostrich like creature.

     Our mystery man gets chased through an maze of tunnels and chambers by worm like creatures and other things, with the aid of the bird he gets tossed through a waterwheel like contraption into a village like complex where the residents attack one of the worm creatures that manages to follow him through. Once the creature is destroyed we find that it carried captured people lacking  memories, the villages pull parts from the machine and use a device to find out which pieces contains the memories from the captured people. We then find out that the creature chasing the boy is called a Skonk, and that a person is made up of two pieces, the body is one piece, and the other piece is called the egg, and the egg contains the mind.

     After a while, the villagers joke around with the egg/mind of one of the captured people, then we see that the waterwheel looking thing contains the mind/memories of eggs that don’t have bodies, and they are not very happy about their current situation. No one seems to take any notice of the boy until a child  starts to talk to and play with him. Then the family of the young girl comes to fetch her and a young man who helped our guy earlier introduces himself to (?) as Popo, and everyone who runs into Popo treats him with a lot of respect.

     Popo-san then explains to (?) that the world is divided into two with the poor living below the clouds, and the king and the rich living above the clouds. He tells (?) that the king and the rich steal the poor peoples’ bodies and memories for their own uses. We also learn that the below people try to get above the clouds but the ones that make it memories are disrupted by electrical storm above. Popo takes (?) up a few levels where will see that (?) has a symbol on his body that matches a symbol on a wall, then Popo takes (?) to a bar were he arranges transportation for (?). Then a body collector tries to grab (?), but Popo helps him escape, and he tells (?) to call himself Warp and he must head to the port to wait for a ship.

   Later, Warp with Popo’s and a bartender’s help makes his way to the port, where he finds Popo waiting for him on the ship. As they board the ship and wait for take off we see a mysterious slumbering girl who seems to look like the girl in Warp’s locket. As the ship is departing, the body collector (Cloak) attempts to stop the ship from leaving, but can’t. He also attempts to board the ship but is prevented by the ship’s sheriff, also the ostrich like bird from earlier attempts to board the ship but is prevented, but before the ship can take off the bird sends something from inside his helmet on to the ship. Well, this episode ends with the ship taking off with Popo, Warp, the bartender, and the mysterious sleeping girl on board with many other passengers. 

     Well, the first episode of Kaiba  was very interesting, the unusual anime design helps create a strange and engaging anime world. So, far the idea of having your body and being separate and interchangeable is interesting, but the below people seem for the most part not to be very happy with their current situation. So far, we haven’t really seen any of the rich people or the “above the clouds” people, so we really can’t judge the relationships between the upper and lower peoples. Overall, Kaiba  is a interesting concept with an engaging storyline, I’ll be looking forward towards future episodes of Kaiba.