Well, the following events could only occur to a nice guy in a anime series.

     This episode picks up with both Aka and Matsumaru hard at work at their jobs, one night they decide to have dinner at the restaurant were they first meet. Just as they are walking in, Matsumaru runs into the same girl (Tanaka) that stood him up on the night that he and Aka first meet, she demands that Matsumaru join her in a drinking session, and Aka is not very happy about this. Note- (Tanaka also works for the same company as Matsumaru, and she is in a higher position than Matsumaru)

     When they start drinking, Tanaka starts bitching and complaining about how the guy she was meeting could not be satisfied with her, the most desirable woman in her department, Aka starts getting annoyed about her complaining, and rips on her every now and then. Then Tanaka tries to feed Matsumaru some Yakitori, but Aka gets jealous and stuffs his face first. Later, Tanaka gets so drunk she can barely walk and Matsumaru hails a cab and says he has to take her home and that Aka needs to head home because she has to be at work early, this really pisses Aka off.

     Aka goes home pissed off, and when Matsumaru gets his coworker home she tries a drunk seduction on him, saying things like “please help me take my shoes off, please help me to bed”.  She also tries to get to him by asking him since he once liked her enough to ask her out if he was going to give up so easily, and then she practically throws herself at him. After awhile, Aka tries to call him but as he’s answering the phone Tanaka starts to get sick and he has to ignore her call, after dealing with that Matsumaru tries to call Aka but the battery in his phone dies. Matsumaru ends up spending the whole night taking care of Tanaka, and he never goes home, Aka wakes up and sees he never returned home. The next morning Tanaka wakes up looking good, and poor Matsumaru looks and feels like shit.

     As Matsumaru and Tanaka are walking to work Aka is waiting for them, she brings Matsumaru a change of clothes and walks away very pissed off. Tanaka asks Matsumaru if he and Aka are living together, and he tells her yes but Aka might be so pissed off that this time she might leave him for good. Later, Tanaka grabs Matsumaru’s phone and she calls Aka and tells her that nothing happened between them last night and then she hangs up on Aka. Later, Tanaka takes Matsumaru out for a drink as an apology for what happened last night, but she ends up getting drunk again but this time Matsumaru brings her to his place were Aka doesn’t take too kindly to her advances on Matsumaru, and this night Matsumaru ends up with two girls in his bed, but unfortunately for him he’s not in it with them. Well, that’s all for this episode.


     Like I said earlier, only in anime could something like this happen to a nice guy like Matsumaru. He decides to take Aka for dinner and drinks to the same restaurant were they first meet, as their walking up to the restaurant Aka tells Matsumaru that this makes her feel nostalgic even though it’s only been a short while ago (can anyone say hot anniversary sex for Matsumaru), but what do you know his old crush shows up. What happens next, only an anime guy could screw up like this, leaving your current girl alone (who’s probably in the mood) to help the girl who treated you like shit earlier and will probable treat you like shit again later.

     Get some brains Matsumaru, put Tanaka in a cab, give the driver her address, and go home with Aka and get some, But oh no, he’s too nice of a guy to think properly. By the grace of the gods, Tanaka straightens the situation for him, (can anyone say hot makeup sex with Aka) but what do you know, instead of going home to bliss with Aka he screws up again by going out with Tanaka and letting her get drunk again.

     I think that Matsumaru was pretty foolish by leaving Aka alone to take Tanaka home, the only time I could justify taking her home is if you don’t have a current girlfriend, then go ahead and take her home and get some, and then dump her afterwards in return for how she treated you earlier.  

    In my opinion, things like this make the Rec. anime interesting, it can’t be like this in RL in Japan, or can it be, judging by the current birthrates in Japan, their not even getting enough to replace themselves, so it just might be like that. Either they are too wrapped up in work, school, or anime too get some, or getting some just isn’t high on the priority list for them.