This episode begins with Aka making a dinner date with Matsumaru, her treat, she’s finally getting paid. Later, Aka finds out that she’s getting a leading role in a two season anime spin off for the adult game she voiced earlier. At work Matsumaru latest proposal gets turned down because it lacks punch, and he told to give it more work.

     Later in the day, more of Matsumaru’s ideas gets rejected, and his boss decides to go with one of his coworkers ideas of the new project, he is very depressed about the situation. Aka has to make an appearance for a radio interview program, and this makes her late in meeting Matsumaru for dinner. On his way to meet Aka for dinner Matsumaru buys some flowers of Aka and then he waits at the restaurant for her. Later, Aka has to go meet a big name anime film director, she tries to call Matsumaru but can’t get a signal.

     After waiting a long time at the restaurant for her, Matsumaru has to order dinner or leave, so he leaves and starts walking home. The weather turns bad and it’s starts pouring down rain, Matsumaru’s work stuff gets ruined and the flowers for Aka take a beating. When Aka gets home she tells him how sorry she is about missing their dinner, but that doesn’t go well, Matsumaru is very pissed off.

     Aka senses that something other than her being late is bothering him and she tries to get him to talk about it, but he won’t say anything. She tells him that she’s happy being with him but he still very depressed and walks away from her. Whats really bothering him is that as her career takes off, he feels that he’s pathetic at his job. Well, that’s all for this episode.

     Well, another episode Rec.  where longing, misunderstandings, and lack communication affect Aka’s and Matsumaru’s relationship. In earlier episodes we were shown that both Aka and Matsumaru both like (or love?) each other but they just beat around the bush about it, and this causes problems, they are not school kids anymore they should be able to just say it. Matsumaru’s job is getting him down lately, well welcome to the life of sales and marketing, I did this for a while in my youth, and it’s a dog eat dog field, what have you done for me lately is the rule of thumb. With only one episode of Rec.  left maybe they’ll iron out their problems or maybe not, remember this is anime, it can sometimes take one hundred episodes to say “I love you“.