This episode picks up the morning after Aka’s and Matsumaru’s argument, at work Aka has problems concentrating at her job, and Matsumaru feels down about what happened and realizes he must apologise for what he said the night before. Matsumaru gets confused about how to do it and a can’t figure out how to bring it up. Things have never been worse between Aka and Matsumaru and at they are barely even speaking to each other even though their living together. Matsumaru asks Aka if it’s time she moved out, and that if she needs money he would lend it to her, Aka responds by asking him if that’s his true feelings?

     Matsumaru tells Aka, yes, that’s how he feels, so she walks out the door to leave for work and then calls him a jerk. At work he’s really down on himself, so one of his buddies suggest they go out after work for a guy’s night out. Matsumaru and his friend get drunk and they end up running into Aka and her coworkers whom are having a party at the same bar, they make a real scene of themselves. But, Matsumaru’s friend tells everyone that they are drinking away his work problems, at that moment Aka understands that she never realized that he was having problems at work.

     Later at the party Matsumaru thanks everyone for their advice and encouragement about the work problems, but he also tells everyone that it’s not only work problem bothering him, he says he took his worries out on the girl he loves. Aka says that it’s OK and that you don’t need to say sorry. As Matsumaru and his friend leave the bar to head home, Aka is standing outside waiting for him, and she asks him if they should head home together? To his friend’s amazement, Matsumaru runs to Aka and hugs her, Aka’s manager pulls Matsumaru’s friend away to give them time alone.

     While walking home, Matsumaru asks her why she chose him?, and she tells him it’s for all the caring and support her gave her when she needed it. Then Matsumaru finally asks Aka to be his girl friend, Aka accepts his offer, and they kiss. When they get back to Matsumaru’s apartment he holds open the door for her and lovingly gives her a welcome home greeting, and Aka replies, I’m home, and they enter the apartment together. well, that’s all for this series.

     Well, episode 9 brings us to the end of Rec., Rec. was a kind, gentle, loving, and sometimes funny look at two young adults trying to trying to make a budding relationship work out. While this is still anime I felt that this love story was quite a bit more believable than your typical anime romance, Matsumaru was your typical everyday young Japanese salary-man, and Aka was a typical young Japanese woman trying to get into the voice actress field, no magic, no giant robots, no harem, no love triangle, just two young people trying to find their place in the world. But, in the end this show was about communication or a lack of it, most of Aka’s and Matsumaru’s problems could have been solved by saying “I love you, or I want to be with you, or you make me happy when I’m around you”