Warning-detailed plot summary follows, to avoid spoiler please scroll down to the episode review portion.

      This episode picks up with the large ship now docked at a planet with the Sheriff (Vanilla) searching for the stowaways who have fled the ship in the escape pod. Just as the Hippo/Kaiba and helicopter creature are about to get caught they are aided by a girl who helps them hide from the searchers. The girl agrees to help them because she says that since this is the last day she’ll have her body she’ll do as she pleases, she tells them her name is Chroniko.


     Chroniko goes on to tell them that today she is going to sell her body and that she is getting a lot of money for it, and she also tells them that someone rich wants it because her body can’t be grown or made by any machine, so she’ll get a lot of money for her family. Then she asks the Hippo/Kaiba if he thinks her new boots are cute, and she says that someday her family will buy a new body for her than they’ll but her memory chip inside so she’ll live again.

     Later at the body shop, Chroniko asks the doctor how long it will take for her memory chip to be delivered to her family, and he tells her about one week, then he begins the memory extraction process. Once the memory removal process begins the doctor tells her that he’s not going to save her memories and that it’s too late to stop, he extracts her memories and lets them float away it to the sky. Later the Hippo/Kaiba finds Chroniko’s body on what looks like a trash heap, he tries to wake her but it has no effect.

     The Hippo/Kaiba then uses then memory gun they stole from the ship the day before to check her brain for memories, it turns out her mind is totally blank. As the sheriff returns to the scene, the helicopter creature deflates the Hippo and places Kaiba’s memory chip inside Chroniko’s body to make their escape. Later Kaiba goes to Chroniko’s house where he sees that her mother is feeding her other children and is not really sorry about what happened. That night Kaiba uses the memory gun on the mother to peer inside her mind, and we find out that she’s really not Chroniko’s mother but her aunt and that she really seems to be upset about what she did.

     As Kaiba’s is leaving Chroniko’s house the body sellers show up and begin chasing her to try and retrieve the body. Just as Kaiba is about to be run over by the body sellers Vanilla shows up and fires a large gun destroying the chase vehicle, it seems that Vanilla likes cute girls (doesn’t everyone). Vanilla tells Chroniko that her planet is the center of the trade for original bodies so cute girls are in high demand, he says he wishes he could take her to another planet, Chroniko/Kaiba asks him if he’ll let her on the ship and he says yes.


     Later that night Chroniko’s mother/aunt wakes up and begins to play the piano this unlocks memories of the times she spent with her sister and Chroniko, and then the full weight of her betrayal of Chroniko impacts her. Then we see that Chroniko/Kaiba is back aboard the ship as a guest of Vanilla, well that’s all for this episode.

Episode review.

     My feeling about this anime have only grown stronger after watching this third episode, I now feel that this is the best new series of 2008. The simple animation style and low key music track only increases the emotional impact of the story, it forces the viewer to pay closer attention to the plot rather than staring at razor sharp images. I have a very strong visceral reaction to the society of Kaiba’s world, it’s gone so wrong, human life has almost zero value, I’m almost to the point where I feel that a storm needs to come alone and wash all the filth away so the world can begin anew. But, like a person who can’t turn away from a train wreck I have to keep watching this series.