This episode begins with the girls starting to study Shakespeare in their English class, the next day their teacher catches Judy, Julia, and Sallie acting out a few scenes from Hamlet. The teacher orders the girls to report to the gym after class,  and when they get there he invites them to participate in an upcoming production of As You Like It.

     The girls accept the teacher’s offer to be in the play, at first the teacher wants to assign the male role to Julia because she’s taller and the role of the daughter to Judy because she shorter. Once Julia figures out that Jimmie and other boys will be watching the play, she argues for the female role. A little while later Julia is shocked to learn that the daughter is supposed to be very ugly, and now she’s stuck with that role.

     The girls pass the days after class doing rehearsals for the play, and Sallie informs everyone that her brother Jimmie will bring a lot of his football teammates and other student from Princeton college. On the day of the play the weather turns bad, the teacher is worried because it’s being perform in the school’s outdoor theater. As the play begins the weather gets really bad and the play turns into a humorous mess, but in the end it all works out. The next day Julia’s uncle Jervis sends the girls a gift for missing their play, an invitation to a performance of Hamlet in New York. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, in episode 24 nothing really important happens, it’s a rather slow episode. The only interesting thing in this episode is how boys/young men are starting to view the three main girls, at the beginning of this series they were seen as cute little girls. But, now the three girls are now almost at the end of 11th grade and are starting to mature physically and emotionally, and now boys/young men are starting to notice.

      Only Julia has taken an interest in the guys so far, she clearly has a major crush on Sallie’s brother Jimmie. Sallie has shown no interest in any guys yet, and neither has Judy, Jimmie is more interested in Judy than Julia, but Judy considers him to be the older brother she never had. Because of Julia’s and Judy’s good natured rivalry Judy hasn’t told Jimmie how she feels, this will cause problems between the two girls in the future.