This episode begins with Daisuke having his students write an essay about their parents, this is in preparation of his home visits. Some of the older teachers think that the home visits are a waste of time because you can’t really fix home problems. Later, Daisuke is looking over some old school records when he discovers that Rin’s mother is deceased and her father is unknown, and that she is living with a relative.

      The next day when the students turn in their essays, Daisuke notices that Rin wrote a whole paper of lies about her mother still being alive, he than considers the possibility that Rin’s bad behavior might be caused by her lack of parents. Later Rin hurts herself at recess and Daisuke has to patch her up, she makes a comment to him about how he’s kinder than usual, and she even talks him into carrying her back to class. But, as he hands back their papers he screws up by letting everyone know that she has a guardian instead of regular parents.

   The next day, after swimming class, Daisuke tries to apologize to Rin for the other day, but Rin says that she feels stupid for believing that he was being nice to her just to be nice. He tries several times to fix things between them but nothing seems to work, and he eventually goes to her friends Mimi and Kuro for advice. Kuro tell him that Rin is no longer hurt by not having parents, but she’s hurt because she’s fallen in love with him and she felt betrayed by him, and Kuro tells him he’s very dense for not seeing that Rin has fallen in love with him.

     So, that night Daisuke decides to pay a visit to Rin’s house, Rin isn’t home at the moment, but her guardian Reiji is home and he lets him in. They talk about Rin’s current situation, and Reiji kind of makes a suggestion that Daisuke as a teacher is showing too much affection towards Rin, just as Daisuke is about to ask him what he’s inferring, Rin walks in. After Daisuke leaves, Rin asks Reiji what he thinks about Daisuke, and Reiji says it looks like he loves her otherwise he wouldn’t have stopped by, this makes Rin Happy.


     The next day at school, Rin confronts Daisuke about the visit to her house and she asks him why he stopped by. Daisuke tells her that he was worried about her because shes precious to him, she asks Daisuke if it’s really true, and he tells her yes. She than tells him not to betray her a second time, and then she gives him a kiss. Back in class, Rin’s back to her old self, and Daisuke realizes that he got his first kiss from a little girl. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, in this episode Daisuke continues to try and deal with his most troubled student Rin, in trying to find out more about her family life he unravels some of mysteries surrounding her. He finds out that her mother died young, and he father is not around, so he assumes that deficiencies in her home life might be leading to her inappropriate sexual behavior.

     But the main problem he has in dealing with Rin is his lack of experience with the opposite sex, when he had to ask Kuro for help with Rin she calls him an idiot for not being able to tell that Rin is in love with him. Daisuke is so inexperienced with women the he can’t even detect that a 9 or 10 year old girl has a crush on him even though it so obvious to most of the kids in his class. At the end of the episode we learn that not only is Daisuke still a virgin at age 24, but that the kiss Rin gave him was his first kiss, for Christ sakes Daisuke you live in Japan, take yourself into town and visit a Soapland and get some experience with a woman.