This episode picks up with the girls considering the defeat of Pissard, they now have three Prism stones, and they wonder if Pissard will try to come back and take them. Mipple tells the girls to place the stone inside the Prism-Hopeish for safe keeping, when they ask what it looks like Mipple tells them that it was entrusted to Mepple. After some dodging, Mepple admits to them that he lost it when he came to earth, Mipple is not very happy with him, the girls decide to try and find the Hopeish.

     The girls take Mipple and Mepple to a library to try and locate where Mepple lost the Prism-Hopeish, after a while he thinks he recognizes where he lost it, Nagisa and Honoka head out to search for it. In the dark zone, the dark lord is very unhappy about Pissard’s defeat and the loss of a Prism stone, so he sends a new bad guy named Gekidrago to defeat the girls. While searching the woods for the Hopeish, Nagisa jumps into a river to save a bear club who is floating downstream, after a exciting few minutes in the river she manages to save the bear.

     After the girls return the bear cub to it’s mother they continue their search for the Hopeish, but they are distracted by loud noises coming from the woods and heading towards them. Bursting from the woods is Gekidrago riding the bear cub’s mother, he has transformed the bear into a monster and attempts to ride them down. The girls transform and begin to battle Gekidrago and the bear, Gekidrago is much stronger then Pissard ever was. The bear cub attempts to stop his mother, but she is possessed and tries to attack her own cub, Nagisa saves the cub at the last minute. After a short chase through the woods the girls lose Gekidrago, and are left alone with the bear, Mipple and Mepple suggest that they cure the bear with a new power.

     Mipple and Mepple tells the girls to combine powers and say “black pulsar and white pulsar”, when the girl say this phrase a new power is activated, “pretty cure rainbow therapy”. Once they activate the new power the bear is surrounded by rainbow lights and the dark zone power is banished and the bear returns to normal.

     Just as everything seems alright, Gekidrago shows back up and the girls use their “marble screw” attack to blast him into a mountainside, in the rubble of the blast the girls find the Prism-Hopeish. Then Nagisa and Honoka place their Prism stone inside the Hopeish and then a person called the Stone Guardian appears and gives them a reward for finding the stone, the “pretty cure planner”, the girls can write stuff inside it and nobody else can read it, then the guardian turns into a card that can be used to summon him when needed. 

     It’s starting to get dark so the girls decide to head home, Nagisa says that her mother will probably be getting worried about her. The next day on her way to school Nagisa sees her crush, Fujimura-senpai at the train station, and she starts to zone out. Well, that’s all for now.


     Well, episode six starts another story arc in the Pretty Cure saga, in episode five Pissard was finished off for good, but another bad guy shows up to hassle our girls in episode six. Unlike the slick and big haired Pissard, the new bad guy Gekidrago is big, powerful, and stupid, he seems to almost shrug off the girl’s physical attacks. Also in this episode the girls gained a new power, unlike their attack power, their new power is a healing power, it can free a living creature from possession by the dark zone. But, the main point of this episode is that parents worry about their children (no kidding), Nagisa’s mother says she’ll always worry about her, just like the bear cub’s mother worries about her cub.