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     This episode begins with the ship stopping at a planet with 1/2 the normal gravity, Kaiba/Chroniko start exploring the planet with Vanilla chasing close behind, Kaiba jumps back into the hippo’s body to give Vanilla the slip for awhile. A short while later an old woman finds Kaiba/Hippo and takes him back to her house where she and he grandson repair the hole in the Hippo’s side. Then Vanilla shows up and thinks that the Hippo looks suspicious, when Kaiba/Hippo tries to get away Vanilla freezes him and does an memory inspection. Inside Kaiba’s mind, Vanilla see something and begins to give chase, just as Vanilla has Kaiba cornered Hyo-Hyo, Kaiba’s helicopter looking friend saves Kaiba by ejecting Vanilla from his memories and freezing him.


     Just than the old lady’s second grandson gets home and he takes Kaiba and Hyo-Hyo captive, the grandmother falls asleep when she hears her husband is long dead, the two grandsons force Kaiba to enter the old lady’s memories to search for the location of their grandfather’s hidden treasure. Kaiba searches though book after book of her memories but to find that they are all are empty, but he sees a suspicious spot and enter to find the old lady seated at a table inside a massive library.


      The old lady asks Kaiba why he came here, and to Kaiba’s amazement he can talk for the first time in the Hippo’s body, and he tells her that her grandsons made him come searching for the lost treasure. She tells him that the information is worthless to them, and then she begins to tell Kaiba something about their life on this planet. The old lady can’t come to terms with the death of her husband even though creations of her own mind are telling her he’s really dead. Finally a locked book is forced open and the old lady says that he won’t be dead as long as I remember him.

      The old lady begins to cry uncontrollably until her dead husband emerges from a door in her mind and begins to clam her down. After seeing scenes from when they were young the old lady wants to join her husband and when she does, she starts merging with him and the inside of her mind starts collapsing. As Kaiba is running for the exit, her voice tells him that grandfather’s treasure is on top of the lighthouse.


     After the old lady dies Kaiba then tells the grand kids about the treasure on top of the lighthouse, and when the kids reach the top they find a room containing their grandfather’s treasure, photos of him and his wife and other trinkets of their love. Kaiba retrieves Chroniko’s body and goes back to unfreeze Vanilla and they bury the old lady next to her husband. Later, back on the ship Vanilla brings Kaiba/Chroniko something to eat and this triggers memories from his forgotten past. Later, the two grandsons are found dead in the ship’s hold, with one of the crew members saying that after living in the lighthouse for so long I guess they couldn’t live anywhere else.

 Episode review follows

     Episode four of Kaiba has a different animation style from the previous episodes, the last episode was filled with a very subduded and muted color pallet, but in this episode the colors are much brighter and more vivid. The sheriff Vanilla has shown throughout the previous episodes to be a very cruel and sadistic person killing for almost the joy of it, but when it comes to Chroniko (a cute girl) he turns into almost a love struck puppy dog.

     What I’ve been finding interesting about this series are how a lot of the concepts contain within this universe are put together; your mind as a library with the books being your memories, the body as disposable, the malleability of memory, and so forth.

     The biggest question I have about Kaiba’s universe is if one can download your memories and mind and place it in another body will it really be the same? When you love a person, their personality has a lot to do with it, but it’s more than that, you also love the feel, taste, smell, texture, and voice that body also has, so if you developed the feeling of love for that person in their specific body with the body you were in would it be the same if both of you were in different bodies, or would it be like trying to love a pale imitation of that person?

     Memories and objects, anime seems to love Marcel Proust’s concept of involuntary memories, whether it’s Lain and her father meeting for tea and Madeleine’s, or Fuko and her starfish, and now Kaiba memories being reawaken by the ochiri. Well, certain songs, foods or smells can take us to places and times otherwise long forgotten. Well I guess some geeks like me read books, and other geeks make anime, that’s probably why I like this series so much.