This episode begins with Judy traveling through the streets of New York looking for the place where she was abandoned as an infant, she eventually finds Bayson Avenue and now is searching for the church where she was left at. Judy finally finds the church where she was left as an infant and she is flooded with thoughts and questions about why her mother abandoned her there.

     A short while later a little girl snatches Judy’s hat, and Judy gives chase and her skirt is torn in the process, then a older lady (Margot) stops the girl and tells her to return the Hat to Judy.  After the hat is returned the two women exchange greetings and Margot tells Judy to come to her house so she can mend Judy’s skirt because she can’t walk around town like that.

     Back at the apartment Margot introduces Judy to Vera, the mother of the children that hassled Judy, Vera is very angry about the trouble her kids caused. Vera sews up Judy’s skirt than the ladies share some snacks together, once her children get home Vera gives them a swat with a ruler for causing trouble.

     Judy sees that the kids are really nice but a little rambunctious, and that their home is a kind and loving home. As Judy and Margot are leaving, Judy tells Margot that this will be a nice memory of her birth city, and they part company wishing to meet each other again.

      The next day Julia, Sallie, and Judy take in the sights and shops of New York, then they are escorted by Julia’s uncle Jervis to a fancy lunch then to the theater for the play. The play affects all three of the girls greatly and after the show Jervis takes the girls back stage to meet the actors. When Jervis introduces the girls to his friend and actress Margot Foster, it turns out to be the Margot from the other day.

     Everyone wonders where Judy meet Margot, and Judy tells them she met her in the slums, Julia is shocked says people like them shouldn’t go in the slums. Judy tells Julia that everyone was nice and kind to her, and Jervis tells them that he meet Margot at an outdoor play that Margot was performing in the slums, and that he is never frighten to be there. Then they ask Margot why she still lives there, and she tells them because that’s where she was born and raised. Then Jervis and Margot see the girls off at the train station so the girls can return to the school. In a letter to John Smith, Judy tells him that someday she wishes to be as brave and as strong as Margot is to admit that she was born and still lives in the slums.

      Well, in the episode Judy finally searches for the location of her birth, and this raises questions of why her mother abandoned her. Judy thinks that her mother must have been sick or near death to have abandoned her, but I think that it’s more likely that her mother was just too poor to take care of her properly, so her mother left her at the church to give her a better chance at life.

     This episode also shows the differences in class expectations between Judy and Julia, Julia thinks that people like them shouldn’t visit the slums, but Judy’s visit to the slums showed Judy that while there might be some shady people there but the majority of the people are good hard working people just trying to get by.

     Also, this episode highlights Judy’s continuing insecurity with her past, Margot freely admits that she was born in the slums and that she still even lives there, but Judy still worries about what people might think about her being a poor orphan, and she even writes that in a letter to John Smith.