Well, it’s been a long time since I watched or blogged about Minami-ke, work, darts, dating, and other various distractions have kept me from finishing out some anime series. But work seems like it will be slowing down for awhile, and two out of three of my dart leagues have finished up till the fall seasons start, so three more opportunities to blog have opened for awhile. So, I’ll begin catching up with my backlogged series starting with Minami-ke Okawari.

Below is an episode content summary, to avoid spoilers please scroll down to the review.

     This episode begins with the sisters heading out for school after their break, while leaving their apartment they have a discussion about the cold weather. The sisters also notice that a moving truck is in front of their apartment building and it seems that someone is moving in.

     Then at Chiaki’s school their class gets bombed with tons of homework and they wonder when they are going to get it done, pretty soon someone suggests that they all go over to study at Chiaki’s house because it’s so relaxing. At Haruka school one of her friends talks about how she would like to have a Nabe (hotpot) party with Haruka someday.

      (Cultural Note: In Japan a Nabe is a large clay pot that is usually placed at the center of the dining table and heated by a small portable stove, many different ingredients such as, meat, seafood, vegetables, and noodles can be mixed and cooked together. Then everyone grabs what they want to eat from the shared pot, this is supposed to build harmony and friendship between those sharing from the pot. Many years ago I shared this type of meal several times with Korean soldiers whom I was friends with, I lived in Korea for two years)

    After the sisters arrive home, Chiaki asks Haruka for permission to have her friends over for a study/sleepover, Kana decides to turn it into a pajama party and Chiaki is not happy about it. Haruka decides to cook a Nabe style dinner for the guests, and she heads out to buy the food.

     Pretty soon everyone starts to arrive including Mako-chan, when Haruka returns with the food she also brings Fujioka with her, she tells Kana that she called and invited him to the meal. Everyone enjoys the meal together than a boy about Chiaki’s age shows up at the door bringing a welcome neighbor gift, Haruka invites him to the meal but he refuses.


     After the meal Chiaki’s friends all take a bath together, and Kana again makes fun of Chiaki’s lack of chest size compared to the other girls. In the end, the girls do no studying and spend most of the night goofing off, but in the morning everybody admits that they had a good time. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Episode review follows:

     Well, after not watching Minami-ke for many weeks I forgot just how enjoyable this series really is. Minami-ke is nothing more than several skits of various lengths that are linked together to form the story, these skits can vary from one minute in length to several minutes in length, the humor level for each skit is pretty hit or miss, think Lucky Star but with a lot less MOE and more fan service.

     Speaking of Makoto, is just me, or is Makoto dressing up cuter and cuter every time he comes over the Minami household? Pretty soon he’ll have to be added to the loli-battle featured at the Lolitron blog.

     This incarnation of Minami-ke definitely has more fan service than the first season did, having watched the first three episodes of the second season we have already had a Onsen visit, and a group bath skit. Also, it seems like a recurring theme for the second season will be Kana’s constant harassing of Chiaki about her breast size or lack there of. What I find funny about Kana worrying about Chiaki’s size is Kana’s obliviousness to the effects or interests of the opposite sex, Fujioka is clearly interested in her but she never seems to notice even though it’s very obvious to everyone else.

     What I really like about this slice of life series is it’s relaxing and calming nature, the reason why everyone in Chiaki’s class wants to hang at the Minami-ke house is because it’s so calm and friendly, and that’s why I’ll keep watching this series.