This episode begins with Haruka finding out about the city recycling event this Saturday from her neighbors, when she enters Chiaki’s and Kana’s room to wake them up she gets angry about how messy Kana’s side is and she tells the girls that they’ll attend the event this Saturday.

     Chiaki’s her new neighbor ends up in the same classroom as her, and one of the girls says that the rumor is that he’ll do any favor if asked. Chiaki asks her friends including Makoto to show up for the recycling event this Saturday. Then Kana asks Fujioka if he’s free this Saturday morning and he says yes, so she tells him to meet her at the community center at 8am, he thinks that she asking him out for a date. Hosaka finds out from Maki that Haruka is doing the recycling thing on Saturday.

     The next morning everyone meets at the community center, even Hosaka shows up because he found out that Haruka would be there. While picking up trash Kana is her usual self and Chiaki notices that the neighbor boy Fuyuki seems to be very helpful but he doesn’t seem to be happy with it.

     Everybody is busy picking up trash but Kana is lying on a park bench relaxing saying she’s had enough work for the day, when Haruka sees this she gets very angry. Later, Haruka tells Chiaki and Kana that if they don’t pick up the pace or let Fuyuki show them up at trash collecting it’s no dinner for them.

     Kana and Chiaki have to formulate a battle plan to defeat Fuyuki at trash collecting, so they decide to go down by a river to try and find lots of trash. Down at the river they find tons of interesting trash especially Mako-chan.

Mako-chan’s special find.

     Later, Chiaki runs into Fuyuki and they work together digging a bottle out of the ground. When they talk Chiaki asks him if helping people is his hobby, and he doesn’t really answer her. Then a short while later someone asks for help in pulling a bike out of the cold river, Fuyuki can’t resist and he leaves to help them. It soon starts snowing and the organizers decide to end the trash pickup, Haruka wonders and worries where Chiaki and Kana are. Then Kana finds a refrigerator and wants to carry it back thinking that this is the mother load of trash. They try to move it but it’s just to heavy, so Fujioka asks if somethings is still inside it. They get the idea it could be money or even a body, but it turns out to be filled with stones.

     Kana gets angry about the stones and thinks that someone played a joke on them and everyone begins throwing the stones into the river. When Haruka finds them she thinks that they were just goofing off and says no dinner for them (no soup for you). Later Chiaki sees Fuyuki and asks him if he doesn’t like doing something why not just refuse, he gives her no answer.

     The next morning when Haruka gets up she finds for the first time ever that Chiaki and Kana waiting for her, she is very shocked. It turns out that they are waiting like starving people for their morning ration.

     Well, this episode keeps up the usual Minami-ke escapades; Kana being energetic but stupid, Chiaki taking everything too serious, Hosaka following Haruka everywhere, Makoto being a trap, Fujioka thinking he can get somewhere with Kana, and most of Chiaki’s friends becoming part of Kana’s idiot brigade.

     But, two thing were different about this episode, first of all we seen Haruka get angry in the past but this time she was really pissed off at Chiaki and Kana and didn’t back down about punishing them. Secondly we got to meet the Minami girls’ new neighbor, a boy named Fuyuki, and boy does he has issues. All the adults including Haruka think that he is a great helpful kid, but I think that he dislikes or disrespects himself. Chiaki sees that he really doesn’t like doing the things he volunteers to do, and Chiaki asks him why he can’t just say no. I feel that until he can answer that question he’ll probably be unhappy.

     Oh, one last item, I’m beginning to feel that no matter how often Maki might call Hosaka’s behaviors disgusting, she is attracted to him in a strange way, if given the chance she probably might jump his disgusting bones.