This episode begins with Kana searching for food in the kitchen, and when she finds a small locked box and tries to open it Chiaki tells her to give it up. Kana tells Chiaki that maybe the box contains something like naked bath pictures of Chiaki as a child, so the both struggle to open the box. They finally get the box open almost injuring themselves in the process, and they find the box contains a necklace with a glass rabbit charm. Both Chiaki and Kana say it doesn’t belong to them so it must be Haruka’s, did someone give it to her as a gift?


     Kana begins to panic at the thought that it might have been a treasured gift from the past because they broke off an ear of the rabbit, to stop Kana’s panic attack Chiaki has to stick a pin in Kana’s behind. So they come up with a plan to fix it, Kana attempts to glue the ear back on but in the process she breaks the other ear. Kana goes into full panic mode calling everyone she knows to try and help.

     At that very moment Haruka is helping Maki do some shopping in town when they run into Fujioka, he tells them he’s looking for a rabbit. When Haruka hear Fujioka mention a rabbit she asks Maki to wait for her and that she’ll be right back. It just so happens that Hosaka is there to hear that Haruka likes rabbits, Hosaka ends up with his shirt open causing a stir, Maki covers her eyes and tells Haruka not to look. Back at home the rabbit is somewhat back together with the sisters waiting to hear from their friends.

     Just as Kana has everyone searching all over town for a rabbit Haruka returns home, when they ask her why she’s home so early she tells them she’s came to get a gift for Maki, a glass rabbit necklace, oh-my. So the two sisters attempt to stall Haruka in order to give time for someone to return with a replacement. Everyone keeps bringing the wrong thing or calling Kana telling them they have the wrong thing increasing Kana’s stress level greatly. So, Kana decides to go out and find one by herself leaving Chiaki to keep Haruka distracted.

     While Kana is out, Haruka answers a phone call from Keiko who apologizes for not being able to find a rabbit, Haruka then asks Chiaki what rabbit is Keiko referring to? Later that night Kana still hasn’t been able to find a replacement, she’s hurt from a fall, tired, cold, and it’s dark and beginning to snow, so she slowly heads back towards home. When she returns home, she finds Chiaki waiting for her a the front door crying with Haruka standing in the back ground, Haruka’s not angry because they broke the necklace, she’s angry because they had other people looking  for it and lied about it. Well, that’s all for this episode.


     Well, this was a pretty interesting episode, the main focus was the interaction between Chiaki and Kana, for the most part Chiaki considers Kana a dumb-ass but for all Chiaki’s intelligence she still can get pulled into Kana’s schemes. It’s really amazing how Kana as the power to form an idiots brigade at a moments notice, I can understand Fujioka rushing to help her because he’s got a case of Kana fever and guys will do stupid things when they want some.

     Also, this is the second episode in a row where Haruka has gotten really angry at her two sister, are we beginning to see a trend here? But overall, Kana’s laziness and lack of taking responsibility really came home to roost in this episode.

Bonus Minami-ke picture.