This episode begins with Kana borrowing a large amount of manga from Fuyuki, when she asks him who is favorite character is he waits to hear who Kana’s is before agreeing with her. It is snowing very heavily outside so that’s what most of the talk is about between the sisters. The girls are almost out of food and Kana has to pick up some clothes from the laundry so they agree to do it tomorrow. The girl’s go outside for a while and have a snowball fight, make a snowman, and after a while go back inside the house.

     Once inside, the sisters decide to take a bath together and afterwards they talk about how nice some snacks would be on a cold night, and just then the apartment complex loses power. The girls get very cold very quickly, but Haruka tells them that the power should be back on soon. Soon Kana begins her over reaction by saying they might die from the cold and so forth, and even Haruka begins to wonder why it’s taking so long for the power to come back on.

     Later, Haruka gets worried about Fuyuki and they all go over to see him, he loans them some fuel for their stove and Haruka tries to talk him into coming over, but he refuses. Chiaki gets angry with him because she thinks that he wants to come over but won’t, she tries to drag him over and they get into a snowball fight. Soon Haruka and Kana show back up and they end up having a team snowball fight, Chiaki and Fuyuki end up being partners against Kana and Haruka.

     After the fight Fuyuki joins them back at their apartment and they talk him into spending the night, but when morning comes he’s gone. The power is restored, and Chiaki goes looking for him and finds him shoveling snow outside the apartment building.

     This episode was a very low key and relaxing, a vast majority of the content focuses on the interaction between the three sisters during the snowstorm and the blackout. Talking, having a snowball fight, eating, and taking a bath is about all that goes on there. But one interesting thing was their interaction with Fuyuki, Haruka and Kana both think he’s a great kid, but Chiaki sees right through him, she pretty much comes to the conclusion that he never does what he wants to do, he validates himself by pleasing others instead of himself.