This episode begins with Nagisa practicing with the school’s lacrosse team, she is distracted by thoughts of the reappearance of an enemy from the dark zone, and Honoka shows up and tells Nagisa that she’ll cheer her on at the tournament tomorrow. The next day at the tournament the girls begin their first match against a long time rival school, and just as the match is about to begin Nagisa’s crush, Fujimura-senpai shows up for the match and sits by Honoka. As the match goes on Nagisa concentration is just not there, she’s too distracted by her crush being in the stands to play well. Nagisa’s team ends up losing the match badly, Nagisa is really feeling down but her captain tells her to cheer up you’ll do better tomorrow.

     After the game Honoka tries to cheer Nagisa up and Nagisa almost asks Honoka about Fujimura-senpai but she’s is too shy. At home Nagisa’s younger brother gets on her about losing the match and he says that there’s more to life than lacrosse, things like studying and love (low blow in her current condition). On day two of the tournament Nagisa’s team must play a group of girls who look like amazons, and most of Nagisa’s teammates are afraid of being crushed by them. Just as the match is about to begin Mipple alerts Honoka that evil is on the way.

     Honoka tries to lead the bad guy away from the playing field so the game won’t be disrupted and innocent people won’t get hurt. Later, Mepple alerts Nagisa and they leave to go search for Honoka and Mipple, the vice-principle sees Nagisa leaving and follows her. Nagisa manages to find Honoka before she gets attacked by the bad guy and they transform to fight the bad guy. Just as the battle begins the vice-principle shows up and interrupts the battle and he ends up getting transformed into a monster by Gekidrago and he begins to attack the girls.

     Back at the lacrosse match Nagisa’s team is getting beaten up pretty badly and they all hope that Nagisa will show up quickly before the match is over. After the girls defeat Gekidrago the vice-principle is changed back to his normal form, and Nagisa and Honoka rush back to the lacrosse match, on the way Nagisa asks Honoka about her friend, she tells her that he’s like her older brother to her. Nagisa is very happy upon hearing that news and when they arrive back at the field Nagisa subs into the lacrosse match right away. Shortly after entering the game Nagisa scores the tying goal, and than she goes on to score the game winning goal. Well, That’s all for this episode.

     Well this episode was very entertaining in many ways it was very funny to see Nagisa the best lacrosse player on her team get all discombobulated because her crush shows up to watch the match. I think that we all can remember a time in our youth when we became all tongue tied and clumsy around our first crushes, ah the joys and trials of young love.

Don\'t yell at my girl!

      The second really funny thing was when the vice-principle got turned into a monster, all he did was bitch and complain about things; the kids don’t listen to me, I work so hard, I don’t get any respect, I have to clean up after everyone, I want to be a principle, and so forth. That’s was a very funny skit.

     Nagisa has complained in the past that it sucks that she’s more popular with the girls in her school than with the boys. So, Nagisa who can battle evil monsters and is the star of her lacrosse team can’t must the courage to walk up to Fujimura-senpai and say hello and chit-chat with him, oh-well.