First let me say that this episode has very little plot other than fan service, and more fan service. So this post will mostly be about fans service, every recurring female character in the series gets a fan service treatment.

     This episode begins with the creative team for a certain anime show getting chewed out because the show has lost it’s impact (and maybe ratings?), so they argue and brainstorm about how to improve the shows appeal, and in the end it’s decided that they will amp up the anime sex appeal (fan service). So there you have the entire plot for Moetan 8.

Fan service of Ink and Ink’s mother.

Fan service of Sumi and her maid.

Fan service of Ink and Mio.

Fan service of Remi and Rina.

     The only interesting thing in this episode was how Ink’s teacher is disappointed about how no men or boys even turn to look at her when her skirt flies up again and again, but when a school girl’s skirt flies up they mob her like moths to a flame. Also, we find out that Dandy and Ink’s teacher knew each other from her school girl days, he once saved her from a pervert and she’s had a crush on him ever since.

Misc pics of Ah-kun in search of his loli prey.

     Well, after 24 minutes of solid fan service, I have a few thoughts about Ink’s teacher’s dilemma, and maybe it’s a commentary about Japanese men or anime fans in general. Her teacher is by far the most physically mature (hot) female in the series but whenever she shows some skin nobody notices. But as soon as a young school girl gives a little flash of skin men are all over her like white on rice.

     And now to the issue of Ah-kun, he’s either a perverted magical duck, or he’s a stand-in for lolicon otaku fans, or even worse he’s supposed to be us, the viewers of this anime?

Ah-kun finds his promised land.

Alice-chan as Hell Girl taking Ah-kun away.