This episode begins with Haruka wanting to teach Chiaki and Kana how to properly make choko for Valentine’s day, Chiaki is very receptive to the idea but Kana wants no part of it. Kana feels that it’s much better to receive than to give and she only plans on receiving.

     Kana decides to make this one of her festivals, a festival shes calling girl’s Valentine’s festival, and begins to summon her idiot squad together. Pretty soon Yuka, Yoshino, Touma, and Mako-chan are all at the Minami household for choko  making lessons.

     A really funny part is when Mako-chan shows up and Kana makes him/her wear a maid’s outfit if he/she wants to keep coming to their house, it’s really priceless to see Yuka busting up in the background as Kana constantly humiliates him.

     Another ongoing theme in this episode is how Kana keeps eating the choko that everyone is making, she eats so much choko  that the girls soon run out of ingredients, so instead of Kana having to go buy more choko she talks Touma into going to the store instead of her. While Touma is shopping she runs into Fujioka and he ends up believing that Kana is making honmei-choko (choko given to a loved one) for him. Later, Kana piggishness has gotten so bad that Chiaki had to leave a spiked batch that was sabotaged inside the refrigerator to teach Kana a lesson.

     After the choko is made the girls talk about who they are going to give their choko to, Haruka says her friends (tomo-choko), one of the girls says she’ll give it to her father, another girl say she doesn’t know, Chiaki won’t say who she’ll give hers to, Mako-chan says he/she will give her choko  to Makoto, and Kana says why would she give any choko away.

     The next day at school Haruka gives choko to her friends, and Hosaka wants to give her a choko cake, but Maki asks him why? did Haruka give him any choko. At Chiaki’s school many girls give Touma some choko, Yuka gives the hamster her choko, and even Fuyuki (the yes boy) gets some choko. At Kana’s school Fujioka hides all the choko he received to get ready for Kana’s choko, so Kana thinks he didn’t get any choko, so she runs off. Later she gives Fujioka some choko, he thinks it’s made by her for him, but in reality she borrowed it from the most popular guy in the school, oh well I guess what Fujioka doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

     Once the girls are all return home from school Haruka gives both Chiaki and Kana a gift of choko, and a little while later Chiaki gives Haruka the choko she made the other day. Kana asks Chiaki where’s her choko and Chiaki is like you’ve got to be kidding. Well, that’s all for this episode.

     Well this episode of was a very relaxing look at the Minami sister and their friends making choko for Valentine’s day, the main contrast in this episode was between Chiaki and Kana’s personalities. While Chiaki and her friends earnestly try their best to make the best choko they can make, Kana spends all her time goofing off and stealing the others choko.

     One would think that Kana would have learned her lesson about being selfish by now, in the last two episodes Haruka really made her pay a price for her selfishness and stupidity. But, no one ever said that Kana was very smart or even could be taught a new trick.

     Another thing that I found really cute in this episode was when the younger girls (Chiaki and her friends) were talking about the idea of having a boy to give honmei-choko to, it was very cute. It was also very funny how the girls kept suggesting that Chiaki was going to give choko to Fuyuki, but on Valentine’s day Chiaki was only thinking of Haruka.

     Cultural Note: for those new to anime and Japanese culture, on Valentine’s day only the girls give choko to the boys/men. There are three types of choko gifts that the girls usually give; the first type is know as guri-choko (duty or obligation choko) this type of choko doesn’t have to be handmade it can be the generic store bought type, this type of Choko is given to almost all male coworkers and so forth, the second type of choko  that girls can give is called tomo-choko  (friendship choko) this type of gift is usually given between girlfriends but can be given to close male friends, the last type of Valentine’s gift is called honmei-choko  (loved one or favored choko) the type girls give to their boyfriends or guys they want to make their boyfriends, this type of gift is usually handmade or very fancy store bought.

     If you think that this stops after high school you would be wrong, in the work environment this practice is viewed as an office popularity poll, the ladies can send messages to the men about how they feel they are being treated. If a man is considered an asshole he is given no gifts or very cheap gifts, sending a message to treat the women better. On the other hand if a man is popular he is given fairly nice gifts by the OL (office ladies). Some women like to play games with men they don’t really like by giving a gift to the man that could be considered either a Guri-choko or a Honmei-choko  confusing the man as to her intentions.

     Now you might asks what does the girl/woman get out of this? Well, thirty days later the boys/men must return the favor to the girls/women. This is called white day because in the past the return gift was usually marshmallows or white choko , nowadays boys/men can give any type of choko or cake in return. But, be advised that if you receive a Honmei-choko gift and you want to say your interested in her the return gift will be of equal or greater value like 2-3x more costly. Now do you see why a lady might play games with a guy they don’t like, the return gift will hit him in the wallet.