This episode begins with Haruka being given some free tickets to an indoor pool from the owner of a shop that she and her sisters always buy groceries from. When Haruka returns home she tells her sisters that their are going to an indoor pool this weekend, Kana is very happy about the trip, but Chiaki doesn’t seem very enthused about the trip. Soon Kana decides to call her idiot crew together and invite them along too, later we see Chiaki surfing the net for swimming lessons, it seems that she doesn’t know how to swim.

     By the next day Kana has gotten Touma, Uchida, Mako-chan, and Yoshino to commit to the trip, also Fujioka tries to ask Kana out on a date to the very same pool and she accepts telling him to meet her at her house the next morning. Also Haruka’s friend Hayami finds out about the trip and decides that it would be fun if she and some of her friends just sort of show up at the pool to, and Riko who is still crushing on Fujioka finds out about the trip and decides to show up at the pool to. The next day Haruka has arraigned to have their cousin Takeru drive them to the pool in his van, and like them last trip they took Fujioka and Takeru are very bad at navigation and the trip takes along time, and also like the last trip Takeru is suspicious about Fujioka’s interest in Kana.

     Once the crew gets to the pool they all grab a bite to eat, and soon this episode overflows with cute girls in swim suits doing cute and silly things. A couple of recurring things happen in this episode, Mako-chan worries about being found out that she’s really a guy, Touma worries that Fujioka will find out that he’s really a girl, Riko wants Fujioka to notice her instead of Kana, Haruka tries to grab some sleep, and Kana does her best to cause silliness and chaos.


     Kana quickly finds out two things about Chiaki, firstly that she can’t swim and secondly that some people at her school call her princess. Kana begins to pull Chiaki’s strings about not being able to swim, but she really rides her about the princess thing, princess this and princess that.

     But, after a while Kana in her own silly way tries to help Chiaki achieve her goal of being able to swim 25 meters, while Chiaki never makes the 25 meters she tries her best to get their, and Kana genuinely shows some caring and compassion towards her.


     After the other girls hear about Chiaki’s goal, most of them think about what their goals should be, for the most part their goals are either cute or silly.

     Well, a Minami-ke  pool episode, life doesn’t get any better for the male anime fan than having a boatload cute girls taking a trip to an onsen, beach or pool. This episode was mostly filled with cute girls doing cute silly things, the cuteness level almost rises to levels seen in Ichigo Mashimaro.

     After a couple of episodes having Kana getting in trouble over her selfishness and laziness, I think this episode highlights some of the better parts of her character. Kana is kind of like the spoon that stirs the pot, add her to a group gathering and you’ll certainly won’t be bored. In the scene where her goal is stated as “to build a house that can hold 100 people” is quite illuminating, when she gets older she’ll probably be happy having about five to six kids and having all their friends in her house, she’ll thrive on the chaos and liveliness that comes with it.

     Now, for my opinion of a couple of unstated goals.

     Mako-chan’s goal: to be able to regain his manhood and still be able to be around Haruka.

     Hosaka’s goal: To get the balls to be able to talk to Haruka let alone tell her that he likes her.

     Fujioka’s goal: To take Kana on a real date, but that’s against Kana’s nature, so he’ll have to be satisfied being part of her chaos.

     Maki’s goal: To have Hosaka notice her, she doesn’t know it yet, but I feel it.

     Hayami’s goal: juice, and more juice, plus trying to hook up Haruka up with someone.

Bonus Pick of Uchida Yuka