This episode begins with Judy and Sallie playing basketball, and when they take a break Julia comes over and starts talking with them about the future. Julia says that after they graduate next year that she’ll be going to college because a good education will help her in social circles, she asks Sallie and Judy what will they do when they graduate? Sallie says that she doesn’t really know, her brother is in Princeton on scholarship, Julia tells her that a scholarship doesn’t really matter because Sallie’s parents can afford to send her. Then Julia says to Judy that I guess college doesn’t really matter to you because she can go back home and stay with her rich guardian and then maybe marry some man of good social status?

     After their talk Judy really starts to think of the future, mainly what to do after graduation. She is very grateful towards John Smith for paying for her high school and feels that she needs to become independent, so she looks into earning a scholarship for college.

     A few days later the girls decide to go into town to do some shopping, and Judy comes to the realization that even if she earns a scholarship she’ll still need money for living expenses. While in town Judy sees a flier for a private tutor job, the job pays thirty dollars a month to teach two little girls. Judy applies for the tutoring job and decides to write her guardian John Smith telling him about her goal of earning a scholarship and the tutoring job.

     Judy gets a interview for the tutoring job, the two girls Karen and Cindy give Judy hell  even before the interview starts. The girls’ mother asks Judy some standard questions like why do you want to teach, and why is a girl from a prestigious school wanting a job and so forth. After a rough first meeting it looks like Judy got the tutoring job, and she having a rough time tutoring them.

     A few days later Judy gets a letter from Walter Griggs tells her that her guardian John Smith disapproves of her taking a tutoring job, and that she should spend all of her time studying and that if she needs more money here is a bigger check. Needless to say that Judy is angry about the letter, she’s doesn’t need more money she wants to prove to her guardian that she can become independent in the future. Well, that’s all for this episode.

     Well, this was a very interesting episode the girls are really starting to think about the future, up until this point the girls’ lives were filled with concerns about dances, classes, plays, and other minor things. But now they are starting to talk about things like, graduation, college, and even the mention of marriage.

     Julia thinks that Judy situation is very good, graduate then go back to live with her rich guardian, and then marry a man of high social status. But, Judy worries about the future, being a orphan an having her tuition paid by John Smith is great but sooner rather than later she’ll have to become independent and be able to support herself. Her situation is much worse than Julia’s or Sallie’s situation, Julia comes from a rich family, and Sallie’s family is upper middle class and they own a family business. Judy has never told Sallie or Julia about her true situation.