This episode begins with the Minami sister sharing dinner, afterwards Kana tells Chiaki that she frightens herself. Kana tells her that for the past two nights that she dreamed in advance what they were going to eat for dinner the next day. Chiaki is very skeptical about this and tells her that she has to predict the next nights dinner in advance not just claim that she knew it in advance. So, that night Kana has a weird dream that includes Mako-chan claiming that he going to be a girl from now on, and the dream also includes Chiaki enjoying carrot sticks.

     The next day Kana and Chiaki have a conversation about whether or not a person can be forced to change or if they can change by doing something over and over, Chiaki tells her that she thinks that they have to be willing to change. Later at school Haruka gets called into the counseling office by one of her teachers, because of her good grades she gets offered the chance to be in the school’s student exchange program, he tells her that this would be a great opportunity to experience the world.

     Later at Chiaki’s school everyone decides to study at Chiaki’s house after school, Including Makoto as himself for a change. Then Uchida has a conversation with Makoto about his cross dressing at the Minami household, he tells her that it’s just because Kana makes him do it. But Uchida tells him that he seems more lively and out going as girl, so doesn’t he like doing it. Also Makoto asks Uchida if she thinks that Yoshino suspects his real identity, she tells him no, but it most likely won’t be long. Also Yoshino tells Chiaki that she thinks that Chiaki has changed, Chiaki asks her how she’s changed, and she tells her that she’s now better around people.

     Once everyone gets to the Minami household, Makoto announces he’s here with all his masculinity, and Kana basically threatens to toss him out, so he leaves and returns shortly wearing girl clothes that Kana has given him. After Mako-chan talks with Kana, Yoshino starts asking Mako-chan all sorts of personal question and he/she gets very nervous about being found out. A little while later Mako-chan leaves the apartment in a hurry, and outside Mako-chan and Kana have a talk, Kana tells him that he does have a choice.

     After everyone has left the apartment Kana tells Chiaki about her dream and that tonight Chiaki will be eating tasty carrot sticks, Chiaki thinks that this prediction is stupid. Later Kana’s prediction actually comes true, in her dream she thought the meal was carrot sticks but they actually had crab legs which look the same as her dream’s carrot sticks. Later Chiaki asks Haruka if she thinks that she’s changed in some way, Haruka asks her why she thinks she changed, did a friend tell her she’s changed? if so, then it’s probably true.

     The next morning at breakfast Kana notices that Chiaki’s hairstyle has changed, and she asks Haruka if she sees anything different but Haruka seems to busy cooking to notice. Then at school Hayami teases Hosaka with a bento lunch that Haruka has made for her. She basically tells him that for all these months he’s made bento for Haruka but he has not had the courage to give one of them to Haruka. So she tells him to make a choice, would he rather eat a bento that Haruka has made or would he rather have Haruka eat one of his homemade bento, and in the end he waffles by saying that either way the result would delicious. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      This was a very interesting episode of Minami-ke , this episode is also a little more serious than some of the earlier episodes, two main themes came to the forefront in this instalment. First, Kana’s dream and the discussion of that dream with Chiaki leads to a interesting debate on the nature of change. Secondly, the other theme in this episode is about choices and the effects of choices made or unmade.

     First, changes, Kana’s and Chiaki’s discussion about changes brought up a pretty common theme in anime, can someone be forced to change by making them do something against their will, or does the act of change require the consent of the person. On this point I tend to agree with Chiaki, you can force someone to do something they don’t like, but that just means there are doing something they dislike, still it does require some consent from the person.

     An interesting point was when Uchida confronted Makoto with the question of does he enjoy dressing up like a girl, although he denies any enjoyment from it she points out that when he’s a girl he’s more energetic and outgoing a person. I feel that this change in his personality is more due to his lack of self esteem in his guy-hood, he feels like a moron and a idiot in his own skin so he’s more comfortable in someone else’s skin.

     Now to the issues of choices, first Haruka is going to have to make a huge choice, is she going to take the opportunity to represent her school in the overseas exchange program, while under normal circumstances this would be a great thing for her, she’ll never leave her sisters.

     Back to Makoto, he makes a choice every time he dresses as a girl, he may feel he has no choice but as Kana tells him outside the apartment he can always choose not to.

     And now to the funniest example of choice or a lack of a choice is Hosaka, I think that Hayami is trying to tell Hosaka to man up, when she asks him whether he would rather eat Haruka’s bento or have Haruka eat his bento, what she is really saying to him is that as long as he just sits on the sideline he’ll never eat any of Haruka’s bento, and she’ll never eat his.

     And now the interesting issue of did Chiaki change like Yoshino has suggested, yes it’s like Haruka suggested, if your friend says you’ve changed then most likely you have changed. I feel that Chiaki has changed somewhat, from the beginning of the first series she really was kind of unfriendly and at times a bitch. Now, she still can be abrasive and straight forward, but she’s nowhere near as bad as before, in this episode she even takes out the trash, earlier in the series she would have made someone else do it.