This episode begins with Haruka, Maki, and Atsuko returning from a shopping trip, once they get back to Haruka’s apartment Maki and Atsuko talk with Kana and Chiaki about cats, the news, and the coming of spring when idiots will become more active, Kana asks Chiaki is she’s referring to Maki.

      Then Chiaki does a little skit teaching the other girls how to do idiot (Kana) rebuttal training, and then Kana and Maki start talking about food. Kanamentions how she would like to eat Harami (slices of steak) and Chiaki mentions Hanami (flower viewing) getting every one’s attention and Maki tells her they were talking about Harami. Kana makes fun of Chiaki for confusing the two words, and this bothers Chiaki because she’s the one usually correcting Kana.

      Haruka overhears Chiaki’s mention of Hanami (flower viewing) and asks her if she wants to go flower viewing and Chiaki tells her yes. The other girls think that it’s too cold but Haruka says it will be fine, and soon Kana is going full speed to make it one of her holidays. By the next day Kana has invited most of the usual suspects. On the day of their Hanami party Haruka, Maki, and Atsuko will cook the snacks while the other group picks the viewing site and does the shopping of miscellaneous items.

A cultural note from a previous post of mine (Lucky Star 15).

(Cultural Note: Cherry blossoms [sakura] is basically the Japanese national flower, each year when the Sakura bloom, cherry blossom viewing [hanami] parties are held around the country. Many Japanese people like to sit under the sakura trees and enjoy their natural beauty. In Zen Buddhism falling sakura can come to symbolise the beauty in the changing or fading of things such as youth, love, beauty, and other cherished things.)

     Kana breaks the group into two, the first group Kana, Chiaki, Yoshino, and Uchida will do the shopping, and the other group Fujioka, Fuyuki, Touma, and Mako-chan will pick out and set up the viewing site. Once Fujioka thinks he’s found the right spot he says he needs a girl’s opinion so he asks Mako-chan if this is a good location, and Mako-chan gives a half-hearted yes. Fuyuki turns to Mako-chan and asks her/him if she’s really a girl, and both Fuyuki and Mako-chan painfully laugh off the question. Then Fujioka asks Touma for support when he says that guys aren’t good at picking these kind of things, and Touma gives an equally half-hearted yes.

 Soon after Fujioka gets the viewing site setup, Kana arrives with the rest of the group, and everyone wonders where Haruka is with the food. Kana tells everyone that she’ll go home to check on Haruka, when Kana arrives home she finds that Hayami has shown up with her famous high test “juice”, and that none of the other girls are in any condition for flower viewing. As Kana is leaving, Hayami gives Kana a large sack of juice to take back for everyone else.

      After Kana gets back to the group she gives them the juice and tries to cover for Haruka but Chiaki heads home anyway with Kana soon chasing after her. Soon everyone left at the viewing site feels the effects of the juice except for Fujioka who has left to look for Kana. As Fujioka is searching for Kana he passes Hosaka whom is looking for Haruka, very funny.

     Later after everything is done and everyone has gone home Chiaki is sitting at the table getting ready to eat a delicious cup of noodles when Kana walks in soaking wet, Chiaki tells her to change clothes and she’ll pour her a bath so she won’t get sick. As Chiaki is in the bathroom pouring Kana’s bath, Kana eyes the noodles and can’t resist eating them, then Chiaki walks in telling Kana that her bath is ready, and  she sees that Kana is eating her noodles.

     After Chiaki sees her noodles being eaten she gets such a look of utter despair that you can almost see her soul being crushed, at other times she would have hit Kana or verbally attacked her but Kana’s act of utter selfishness just destroyed poor Chiaki. When Kana sees Chiaki, who’s almost in tears, she pulls some cup of noodles out of her shopping bag and asks Chiaki which one she wants? Chiaki’s face almost lights up like the sun with happiness upon seeing the noodles. Well, that’s all for this episode.

     This episode followed the typical Minami-ke formula of food, friends, and fun, with the exception of the last couple of minutes. Kana throughout the series has been kind of thoughtless and selfish especially when it comes to food, mainly Chiaki’s food.

     But for the most part, Kana’s selfishness hasn’t caused any real damage, with the exception of Chiaki verbally or sometimes physically attacking her about it. But, this time Kana selfishness almost caused irreversible damage between her and Chiaki. After Kana arrives home soaking wet, Chiaki expresses a real worry about Kana becoming ill if she stays wet, and she even goes as far as pouring a bath for Kana. So, when Chiaki sees Kana eating her food something almost changed permanently between them, you can almost see their relationship in ruins, no verbal attack, no physical attack, it’s almost like at that very moment Chiaki tagged her sister as an irredeemable selfish bitch, she’s finally done with her.

      But in the end Kana manages to salvage the moment, knowing Kana I really don’t know if she planned it that way all along, or she just got lucky after she realized what she had done and just happened to have the extra food with her. I would like to think that Kana had intended to share her food all along and just thought that this was a good time to pull a good one on Chiaki.