This episode begins with Nagisa spacing out with her friends and in the classroom, she’s out of sorts about the recent battles and she wonders about boys preferring girls like Honoka over her. Later at school, Nagisa is about to ask Honoka about Fujimura but she gets cold feet at the last moment. Back at home Mipple asks Honoka about love, Honoka says she’s not really interested, and Mipple says that Nagisa is different and the she seems interested in Fuji-pi, this surprises Honoka.


     Later Honoka’s grandmother brings her some tea and inquires about her friend, at first Honoka doesn’t know who she’s talking about until her grandmother mentions the energetic girl, meaning Nagisa. Her grandmother tells her that she looked like she was having fun, this leads to Honoka thinking about Nagisa as a friend? At Nagisa’s house her brother makes a untimely remark about Nagisa’s behavior effecting her ability to get a boyfriend. The next day Nagisa runs into Honoka and Fuji-pi on the way to school and Honoka introduces them properly.

     A little while later Honoka mentions that Nagisa has wanted to talk to Fuji-pi for a while, this gets the boys’ attention and embarrasses Nagisa and she runs off. After Honoka catches up with Nagisa, Nagisa yells at her telling Honoka that she doesn’t understand her feelings, and she even goes as far as saying that they are just Pretty Cure,  not really friends.

      It seems that Nagisa’s angry words really hurt Honoka deeply, Nagisa realizes that she went too far but she doesn’t say anything as Honoka walks away. At lunch Nagisa and Honoka see each other but are unable to speak to each other, they both look very sad and depressed. After school Honoka apologies to Nagisa and tells her that she’ll just hurt her again, she says she is unqualified to carry this and hands Nagisa the Mipple pager/cellphone and runs off.

      Later that night Mipple and Mepple both tell Nagisa that she must hurry up an apologize for what happened but Nagisa lacks the ability to express her true feelings. At school Nagisa tries to talk and socialize with Honoka but she makes excuses to avoid Nagisa. Later than night Nagisa even resorts to praying at a Shinto temple for help with the problem. Then Gekidrago show up at the temple and begins to attack Nagisa, Honoka shows up and after some squabbling the girls transform into Pretty Cure,  the girls continue to argue with each other doing more sniping than fighting.

     In their anger at each other Nagisa and Honoka summon a very powerful blast that blows Gekidrago into the sky surprising even them. The girls collect their things after the fight and part ways heading home still very cold with one another. Back at home Honoka gets some advice from her grandmother and Nagisa gets some advise from her mother about emotions and being true. Later both girls discover that they have picked up each others diaries, and when they read them they get a better understanding of how the other feels and they realize that even though they are different they still value each other. The next day before school the two girls makeup and become friends again. Well, that’s all for this episode.


      This episode highlighted the issue of what exactly Nagisa and Honoka are to each other, battle partner, acquaintance, or friend? While Honoka and Nagisa have been partnered for a while I think that they haven’t exactly become friends yet, while they may fight together and hangout with each other they really aren’t friends yet.

     I think that in anime and in real life, people in general toss around the term friend too loosely and bestow the term on too many people, as Honoka says in this episode it’s about trust. But trust goes both way in a friendship, Honoka embarrassed Nagisa in front of Fuji-pi but that was partially Nagisa fault, while Honoka hurt Nagisa because she assumed she was doing Nagisa a favor, but she made that mistake because Nagisa didn’t express her true feeling about Fiji-pi to Honoka. If Nagisa had told Honoka that she is interested in Fuji-pi but doesn’t at this moment know how or in what manner she wants to proceed maybe it would have turned out better.

     In many anime series such as ClannadKanon and countless other Harem anime it’s the female characters that first express their feelings to the male lead but the male is either to wishy washy or to shy to return the feelings until the end. So as far as I’m concerned Nagisa is like those male leads, she’s strongly attracted to Fuji-pi but when given the opportunity to get closer to him she’s to shy to take advantage of the situation, she’s the female equivalent of the shy male otaku.

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