This episode begins with the ship stopping at a new planet called Abipa the Utopian Planet, the place where it is advertised that you can get the body of your dreams. Once on Abipa, Vanilla and Kaiba who is still in Chroniko’s body take in all the weird sights and the free food (all the food is free on Abipa). Kaiba soon ditches Vanilla and goes wandering around with Hyo-Hyo in tow, it seems that he is searching for the girl from his memories.

     After a while Kaiba decides to transfer into the Hippo’s body but a junk collector snatches the Hippo up as soon as Kaiba turns his/her back. As Kaiba is chasing after the junk collector she gets a lift from someone, and  they follow the junk collector to the factory where all the designer bodies are made.

     Soon the old man who gave Kaiba the lift tells him/her about the designer (Patch) and his stuffed dog (Quilt) who run the factory and design all the custom bodies. Once inside the factory Kaiba meets Patch and he tells him he’s not happy about the way that people abandon their real bodies, disrespecting life, and take up artificial bodies, he swears he’ll get his revenge someday. He melts down and soon Quilt takes his body body away, then someone offers to take Kaiba to the body collection site which is also the food factory to find his missing body (Hippo).

     It turns out that the man who offered Kaiba the ride runs the show, on this planet they give the bodies away for free but make enough money off other ventures elsewhere, also the old bodies are ground up and remade into the free food that everyone eats. Later it’s raining very hard and Kaiba finds her/his way back to Vanilla who has gotten ill waiting for her to return. The next day Kaiba returns to the body factory and runs into Patch and Quilt again and it’s almost like a groundhog day experience.

     Patch tells Kaiba that Quilt is made from body parts of abandoned dogs from this planet, people here toss away perfectly good dogs for new designer dogs, so Patch made Quilt and gave him an unknown brain and he also gave Quilt his eyes, but when Quilt is nearby he can see just fine because they also share minds. This time when Patch melts down Kaiba goes along for the ride with Quilt,  and they go to a house in the countryside where Quilt plugs in Patch to recharge him. Then Kaiba uses the memory gun to search through Quilt’s past memories but he finds nothing of interest, but Kaiba sees a stationary camera pointing at the workbench and wonders if it’s been recording of hundreds of years.

     Kaiba watches the playback from the stationary camera and watches Patch going about his work as a female assistant appears from time to time, aging from a young girl to an old lady, and eventually her memories are used inside Quilt without his knowledge. Later, while Kaiba is looking around, some men come to the workshop to steal things and Quilt gets injured before Kaiba can intervene. Kaiba takes Quilt to be repaired but that body is now useless, but the smoking man says he make a new body for Quilt because Patch has made him rich and it’s partly his fault for leaving Patch’s house unprotected.

      As Quilt is being repaired/ a new body is being made, Patch is lost without her, her wanders outside searching for her and gets assaulted and severely damaged by thugs. Later, we see Patch’s old lab assistant (Quilt) back in girl form offering to make the repairs herself. Kaiba goes to fetch Vanilla who is still sick and sees a statue of his former body, and asks the man who is that? He tells Kaiba that is Prince warp, who lives in a palace on LaLa, he invented the memory chamber and control everything. Well, that all for this episode.


      With every new episode of Kaiba  I’m continually amazed by the ability Kaiba’s  creators, directors, and producers to come up with new and totally engrossing story-lines. While the animation styles and color palettes may change every episode or every couple of episodes, but their ability to create a new and unique world each week leaves me totally enthralled with this series. The traveling to new and unique places that Kaiba travels to is almost like the situation in Kino’s Travels, but it’s more than that.

      I find myself stopping and re-watching certain scenes over and over again to extract every last visual detail, some of them only last for a few frames. On of the scenes I’m talking about is when Patch’s office assistant flashes the camera the peace sign, it’s only a quick scene but it enlightened my understanding of her character. Kaiba  with it’s detailed and unique worlds, killer storyline, and changing animation styles, stands alone on top of the quality pyramid so far this year, I’m tired of giant robots being piloted by angst filled teens, Moe is getting over played and a little old, and I’m almost though with wishy washy teens pinning away for love, “Oh, I love him but I can’t tell him, or I’m really attracted to her but I don’t have the balls to say anything”.

      Real story and plot is what separates the wheat from the chafe, in movie terms, while Transformers was fun to watch It leaves you with an empty stomach when compared with more tasty and substantial items like No Country for Old Men, and 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days, as far as I’m concerned this is the best new series of the year.

     Oh, I loved the scene where Kaiba shows great revulsion upon learning that all the free food comes from discarded and recycled bodies, I was waiting for him to run through the streets shouting Soylent Green  is people.