Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

     This episode begins with English lessons, Pastel Ink is teaching Nao-kun, and Ruriko teaching Sumi, Nao’s lessons are going well, while Sumi’s lessons are going poorly, so poorly in fact that Ruriko tells her that if she doesn’t improve college might be out of the question. At the start of the episode Ink has gotten a cold from the night before and it’s getting worse, the next day at school Ink passes out on top of Sumi and has to be taken to the school’s infirmary.

     The school nurse tells Ink that she has a fever and she must go home early to rest, Sumi happens to overhear this and feels that it’s her chance to go on a date with Nao. When Ink gets home she sees that her mother is out, and Ah-kun asks Ink if it’s all right if he goes out for a while, he tells Ink to rest and take care of her body. Later, Sumi decides to check on Ink and while she’s talking to her, Ink passes out again.

     Sumi has to transform in order to carry Ink inside the house and Sumi struggles to care for Ink. Sumi changes Ink’s clothes and she wonders why she has to care for Ink, while walking around Ink’s room she spots a key chain that reminds her of something from the past.


     Then Sumi remembers a time in the distant past when she was ill and Ink came to visit her and keep her company. Ink spent time talking with her and even read a book to her, later Ink gives Sumi her stuffed cat to keep her company, but Sumi was afraid to accept the gift for Ink, but Ink tells her to keep the black cat because she has the small white cat and they are close friends just like them.

     Later that night Sumi has fallen asleep at Ink’s bedside, Ink wakes up and finds Sumi asleep by her, and Ink wakes Sumi up. Sumi tries to deny that she cares for Ink, but Ink thanks her for her help anyways, and Sumi tells Ink that she has to be going home now and leaves.

     As Sumi is trying to sneak away from Ink’s house (she doesn’t want anyone to know that they are friends) she runs right into Remi, so Remi and Rina drag her with them to visit Ink. Ka-kun confronts Ah-kun at a park about Ah-kun searching for Alice-chan, and while they are talking Alice-chan’s partner (Na-kun) the rabbit stumbles up to them injured saying that the magical kingdom has collapsed, time is messed up and that they have to save Alice-chan. When Sumi returns home she falls ill with the same cold that Ink had, she curses Ink for giving her the cold. Well, that’s all for this episode.

     Well, episode nine was a slight change of pace for our magic girls, no magical battles this time. This story focused on the relationship between Ink and Sumi, while Sumi seems hostile to Ink but in reality she still cares for Ink due to their relationship from the past.

     Also, it looks like Moetan  is preparing to start it’s final storyline, at the start of the series Ah-kun is forced to flee the magical kingdom or face imprisonment, so with the magical kingdom in collapse he can be a hero and be forgiven for his past transgressions.

     This episode also has less fan-service than the last couple of episodes, so it looks like they have some plot other than fan-service to work with.

Below are two fan-service eye-catches from this episode.

     At the beginning of this series I felt that Sumi-chan’s ever changing ahoge was pretty silly, but as the series has progressed I have become quite fond by her mood reflecting hair. If only in real life all women had the same ahoge, I can only wonder how many arguments with old girlfriends this would have saved me. “Honey, are you still mad at me from yesterday?”, “No, why do you ask?”, then I could look at her ahoge to see her true mood, oh-well, one can only wish.

Below are some shot’s of Sumi’s ahoge reflecting her moods.


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