This episode begins with Nagisa getting ready for school and Mepple observing that Nagisa is now spending time in the morning making herself look pretty. Mepple asks Nagisa if she’s doing it for a certain guy (Fuji-pi), this leads to them having an argument and Nagisa putting away Mepple without eating. While Nagisa’s in class Mepple tells Nagisa that he’s not feeling good, she tells him to wait till break and she’ll check on him. During break Nagisa starts to check on Mepple but the vice-principal confiscates Mepple thinking that Mepple is a cellphone, soon Honoka and Mipple find out about Mepple being taken, and Mipple tells Nagisa that she needs to get him back soon because he really is ill. 

      Soon Nagisa tries various methods to recover Mepple, but none for them seems to work out for her, and then the girls soon learn about the vice-principle’s manga habit, he only confiscates other items to cover for all the manga he takes to read. So, the girls decide to wait till after school and grab Mepple back after the vice-principal leaves for the night. While the girls are waiting for him to leave, he is attacked by some monsters from the dark zone and Mepple is taken from him. Soon the girls are being chased through the school by the monsters.

      Outside the school the girls manage to use Gekidrago’s stupidity to get Mepple back,  and then the girls transform and quickly defeat Gekidrago. During the battle with Gekidrago, Honoka tells Nagisa that she looks ill, it  seems that Honoka is linked to Mipple and Nagisa is linked to Mepple when they are transformed. After the battle is over Nagisa uses a medical card that Mipple has given her to heal Mepple’s illness, and he seems to have recovered nicely.

     After the fight the girls go inside the school to recover the vice-principal, the girls wake him up and basically let him know that they know he confiscates stuff only to read the students’ manga. So, the girls and the vice-principal come to an understanding that he’ll give Mepple back to Nagisa since Mepple’s container is certainly not a cellphone as long as they keep his manga habit a secret. Well, that’s all for this episode. 

      Interesting episode of Pretty Cure, Nagisa and Honoka seem more natural and comfortable around one another after the argument they had, they no longer just make assumptions about each other and how they think the other feels, and they seem really interested in learning about one another.

    Also, it was funny watching Mepple pointing out to Nagisa that she’s taken a greater interest in her looks, even though she is trying to make herself look prettier she still gets embarrassed and angry when the obvious is pointed out to her.

     Finding out about the physical link between the girls and Mepple and Mipple was also interesting, in typical magic girl shows the magical mascots are usually just advisers and confidants not actually linked to the girls. If this is truly the case, how come Mepple and Mipple never shown any adverse affects to the physical damage the girls have taken in battle with the bad guys?