Note: (for those new to this series, Kaiba is the name of the main character in this series, Warp is the name that Popo give to Kaiba in the first episode, and Chroniko is the name of the female body that Kaiba’s memories now inhabits. Vanilla only knows Chroniko as a cute girl not a male, and Kaiba will often give her/his name as Warp when asked for one)
     This this episode begins with Kaiba/Chroniko/Warp and Vanilla staring at the flowing river of memory roe passing the ship with Vanilla making a comment on how pretty it is. Vanilla tells Chroniko that the river of roe ends at the planet Lolo their next stop, and he also inquires of Chroniko if she loves someone?
       As the ship starts it’s descent to the planet’s surface they pass through a cloud of memories  and  Kaiba hears many memories and thoughts and they are not very happy and pleasant ones. On their way down the ship collides with a smaller ship, and that smaller ship can be seen crashing towards the surface. Once on the surface Kaiba goes in search of the crash-site of the small ship, once at the crash site he meets an old couple that explains the history of the planet to him. He also sees an extremely muscular male cyborg that is helping repair the old couple’s ship.
     This planet has always been a place where old memories gather, and now the federation has built a large base here, excess memories because they can’t leave float around this planet like clouds. The old couple hasn’t made memory chips yet and they keep all their memories inside their heads and in pictures, so they have traveled to this planet to see the new attractions. Soon Kaiba joins the old couple as they sample the new attractions of the planet, and after a memory water rafting trip they end up inside the memory tower.
     Once inside the tower they discover that you can search the memories of famous people, people close to you, and even the memories of still living people. After awhile Kaiba tries to search for someone named Warp, the first name given to him. Kaiba then runs into the muscular guy from earlier while leaving the restroom and he asks Kaiba if he male and if he switched bodies earlier, Kaiba says yes, and the muscleman (Gel) tells Kaiba that he’s really female, and that Kaiba hasn’t adjusted yet to the female body. Later, Kaiba must help Gel use the bathroom, Gel’s body doesn’t have any hands (quite annoying of a male) and that’s a problem for a guy, later Gel tells Kaiba not to get involved with him/her.
      As the park is closing Kaiba and the old couple experience the anger of the memories residing there, they are angry for having been summoned from their rest/slumber and being recalled, many demand/plea for bodies. Later the old couple says that it was scary but in the end it was fun. That night, Kaiba, the old couple, and Gel who was waiting outside the old couple’s ship have dinner together, then the old lady decides to sing them a song to thank Gel of his help in fixing the ship.
     As Gel and Kaiba are listening to the song they both have memories of it from long ago and Gel tries to put his arm around Kaiba then apologies by says that sometimes he/she forgets how to act in this body. Soon they discuss why Kaiba is called Warp, Kaiba doesn’t know why, but Gel explains that Warp killed her parents and her once, and that Warp is the king that is holding all the captured souls and that they must be freed.
     A short while later, a little plant comes inside the ship and the old couple and Kaiba thinks that the plant is cute, Gel shouts a warning but it’s too late, the plant attacks the old lady sucking her memories. Gel moves to sever the plant from the lady but misses, soon the plant lets go and Kaiba fire the memory gun at the plant and memories begin to be vocalized, Gel tells them it is the legendary memory eating plant Kaiba.
     Soon the memories are of the old woman’s affairs and Kaiba shuts off the gun saying that the plant is making up false memories, but the old man says it’s OK he knew all about it. Later that night while Kaiba is sleeping Gel walks up and gives her a kiss then starts to leaves the ship, Kaiba asks him if he had a perverted idea and Gel says that he acted on impulse and might not be able to control him/herself if he stays and Gel tells Kaiba that if he stays inside a woman’s body for much longer he’ll lose himself too.
     The next morning Vanilla shows up with a collapsed Gel and asks Chroniko/Kaiba if she had any acquaintance with him, he hopes not since the cyborg is a suspect in a big incident from the night before, Chroniko covers by saying she spent the whole night with him. Soon some security forces show up looking for a cyborg, Vanilla goes outside to cover but the security forces say that the cyborg is stolen and they want him back. Vanilla gets accused of corruption by the head of security but they soon leave telling Vanilla that he’ll be punished if it turns out that he’s hiding a criminal. The old man leaves the planet with the memory-less old lady saying he’ll take care of her no matter what. Later Gel and Kaiba say their goodbyes and then we see the girl (Neiro) from Kaiba’s locket meeting with Popo saying that she destroyed the body factory from the last planet and the memory tanks from Lolo as ordered. Well, that’s all for this episode.
     Well this was truly another amazing episode of Kaiba,  this time another aspect of the mind/memory link was examined. While Kaiba/Warp is clearly a male the issue of if you inhabit a body of the opposite sex for long enough can you begin to lose yourself.
     At the beginning of this episode Kaiba  is not feeling well and Vanilla makes the observation that it might be Chroniko’s time of the month, but Kaiba mind might not have figured it out but his current body’s hormones are ruling the day.
     Gel points out to Kaiba that even though he’s a female he is beginning to feel male impulses and urges, so it makes one wonder if Kaiba stays in Chroniko’s body will the female body’s senses of touch, smell along with it’s hormones begin to change the male mind inside of it. I feel that it would probably happen slowly, so slowly that one might not even notice it until you might have turned female without realizing it happened until you realize your in bed with a man you were attracted to.
     Now don’t laugh, if you look back at your own past, you have probably arrived at a certain point without realizing how you got there, few or us can predict our futures, and when I look around myself I think that I could have never predicted that I would have my current house, friends, and relationships.
     Kaiba  is truly a work of tremendous creativity, vision, and storytelling, I see no current series that even comes close, do your brain a favor and watch this series.