Note: (for those new to this series, Kaiba is the name of the main character in this series, Warp is the name that Popo gives to Kaiba in the first episode, and Chroniko is the name of the female body that Kaiba’s memories now inhabits. Vanilla only knows Chroniko as a cute girl not a male, and Kaiba will often give her/his name as Warp when asked for one)

     This episode begins with Vanilla bringing Chroniko to the planet Nene to see the ocean because he feels that she should see the ocean at least once. Vanilla shows Chroniko a planet where the people never left the ocean and live underwater, and he also wants to show Chroniko the planet’s moon Libera, one of the best spots for a date, he thinks that there he’ll finally get some from her.

      When Chroniko sees Vanilla looking creepy he/she asks him whats up, he says nothing and tells her that he wants to take her to the moon, and she reluctantly agrees to go to the moon with him ( writer’s silly comment-come on now boys and girls, everybody needs to go to the moon every once and a while) . The next thing we see is that the security chief from the last episode has come looking for Vanilla and Chroniko, at the front desk the clerk tells them that Vanilla wanted to go to the moon but didn’t rent a boat so they should still be on the planet. The security chief says that the moon is a tough place, no one lives there but the town retains the memories of the dead, and the town still thinks it is alive.

     Once Chroniko and Vanilla arrive on the moon, she says that it looks like no one live here, so they begin to explore the city. later Vanilla asks Chroniko if she likes Gel and she tells him “no”, why does he ask, and after Vanilla being tongue tied, Chroniko tells him to just be a man and ask. Vanilla begins to overheat and Chroniko slips away and Kaiba asks himself want kind of man would Chroniko have liked or loved, would Vanilla have even been an option?

     Later when Vanilla is alone he finds out that he’s wanted along with Gel, Chroniko, and Hyo-hyo for the terrorist action at the last planet, he also gets a message that his sheriff’s license has been revoked and he must turn himself and his gear into the police, and we also learn that he’s carries around the memory chip of his mother. While Chroniko is using a rest room she decides to review Gel’s memories, she sees a image of Neiro inside and decides to step into them and see what’s up.

     Once inside Neiro’s mind Kaiba finds out that Neiro was inside Gel’s body along and was responsible for the destruction of the memory tanks and that Popo is one of the ones pulling the strings. Also Kaiba finds out that his former self is also mixed up in the whole affair, his mind before he lost his memories has some how gotten mixed up in Neiro’s memories or her memories of him are not very pleasant. He was her lover or an agent pretending to be her lover, and at the end he is shown attempting to kill her or actually killing her, he is also shown killing, destroying, torturing many people with extreme glee. After seeing this Chroniko decides to return to the planet Lala.

      Once Chroniko hooks back up with Vanilla the town is having a party and Vanilla joins in and everything is going OK until he disturbs the town and draws its anger. The town declares that its residents must arise and destroy the dictatorship of Lala and win back freedom, Chroniko and Vanilla start to flee from the town. As they are fleeing the town, the security forces stops them and tells Vanilla to turn himself in but he instead attacks them injuring himself in the process of escaping with Chroniko, and he asks Chroniko if she a villain and she tells him no, so he says he’ll handle it.

     As they are escaping, Vanilla tells Chroniko that he’ll now transfer their memories back to his home village, he kisses her and removes her memory chip placing it into a transfer device and presses the send button. Later he says an apology to his mother for not letting her meet Chroniko once, and he also says he lied and he doesn’t have a spare body.  Vanilla now presses the lifeless body of Chroniko to him and in tears turn their ship back to face the attackers, his ship is hit many times before it explodes, Vanilla holds Chroniko’s body close to him as the ship is destroyed. Well, That’s all for this episode.

     Another extremely awesome episode of Kaiba, I had the feeling that it was only a matter of time before the authorities caught up with Kaiba. To me there are two main points to this episode, the first one is the death of Vanilla and the destruction of Chroniko’s body, and the second one is Kaiba’s true nature.

     Vanilla died like an honorable man at the end, he despite his earlier cruel acts died protecting the girl he loved. During this episode Chroniko tells Vanilla to be a man and ask, he’s had the hots for her along but all he does is pine away and scheme to get some, but in the end he kisses her and takes her memory chip to save her, in the end he finally did what he wanted to do all along.

      Next Kaiba finds out about himself and it’s not very nice, he either loved Neiro or was just faking to be her lover to get close to her to kill her. I think that Neiro really loved him and was shocked by his betrayal at the end. Now Kaiba faces a choice, after viewing his cruel, evil nature through the eyes of another he can chose to become what he once was or he can chose a different path, I feel that he’ll follow a different path.

     What will be interesting is to find out what type of body that Vanilla has transferred Kaiba’s mind into, knowing Vanilla it will probably be a strong one or maybe I have misjudged him and it will be a frilly one.