This episode picks up with Judy returning from her job interview, she is still upset at being accused of being a thief, but she still takes to job because she wants to work towards independence. Julia is on the phone with with Jervis when Judy walks in,  and Julia puts Judy on the phone with him and Jervis is concerned that Judy will have a hard time with both her job and her school studies. Judy gets angry because everyone assumes that all she’ll do with her money is spend it on dresses and other such things.

      Judy begins her tutoring job and has nothing but problems with the two girls, they are very poorly behaved, and it’s a power struggle between her and the two girls. Judy notices that the family has a lot for problems, the mother and father argue constantly, the father is never home because he’s always busy with work, and the mother can’t bring herself to tell him that they need him more than the money he earns. Judy doesn’t know what to do about the kids and she starts to gets very down on herself.

     On her way home Judy runs into Jimmie, and he makes the observation that she’s not acting like her normal self, aways happy and outgoing. After her talk with Jimmie, Judy starts using a new approach to tutor the girls and this seems to work better. But, after Cindy tries to show her mother some of her work she just blows it off, and this upsets Cindy very much. The girls storm off telling their mother that they hate her and their father, and Judy tells the mother that the girls are just lonely.

      So, Judy begins to show the girls how to have fun and play, and her torturing job begins to have an effect on the girls. The girls begin to behave better and they start to study properly, the girls seem to enjoy the combination of learning and playing, but the stress of working and studying soon starts to take a toll on Judy. A while later, Judy receives a letter from Walter Griggs stating that her guardian formally requests that she quite her job and devote her time to her studies, also Judy passes out due to lack of sleep or stress or shock from the request.

     So, Judy must go to the girl’s house and inform them that she has to quit because her circumstances has changed, and the girls aren’t happy about this. But, the mother seems to have learned from Judy’s example and will now spend more time with her daughter’s. Judy writes John Smith telling him that she quit her job, but she still valued the work experience saying that she would have never learned about working from the classroom. Well, that’s all for this episode.

       Well, this episode continues with the theme of Judy’s drive to become more independent. Judy whom has always been supported by John Smith’s money in high school feels that he has given her enough financial support and is looking towards the future. She wants to earn a scholarship to college to cover her tuition, but that still leaves the issue of how to cover her living expenses. So Judy tries working a part-time job for a while, and she becomes fairly good at tutoring girls.

      But as Judy soon discovers, working and studying is a pretty tough combination, her school work starts to become more difficult to complete. What really pisses Judy off is how almost everyone, the girls’ mother, the maid, and even Jervis think that Judy will just waste the money she earns on silly things. Judy because of her circumstances is getting more concerned about Independence, this is because of everyone not being aware of her true situation, despite her attending an school for wealthy and upper middle-classed girls she really is just a poor orphan girl attending the school on someones charity.