This episode begins with Kana faking an illness to avoid classroom duties, so later she is surprised when Fujioka show up at her house to check on her, and when he enters the living room he sees Touma in a girls school uniform (everyone but Fujioka knows that Touma is a girl). Touma retreats to the bathroom to hide and Kana tells her that she’ll make an excuse to cover for her. Later, Kana chases Fujioka around the house trying to force him to wear her school uniform telling him that today everyone must cross-dress to make her happy, he refuses and won’t do it.

      Later, when Haruka returns home Kana again plays the illness card to avoid helping in tomorrows clean the city duties, but Chiaki seems doubtful that Kana’s really ill. So the next day, Haruka leaves Chiaki to watch Kana while she out helping clean the city, and Haruka also gives Kana a bell and tells her to use it if she needs anything from Chiaki. Soon Kana is using the bell all the time to make Chiaki wait on her like a servant, and Chiaki gets upset because she thinks that Kana is faking. When Haruka returns home she even has Chiaki bring Kana dinner in bed.

     Finally, Chiaki has had enough and accuses Kana of faking the illness, and Kana does her best to avoid being caught. The next day Chiaki wakes Kana up and tells her to get ready or they’ll leave her, they were to go shopping then to a steak dinner, but when Kana gets out of bed she discovers that she’s really caught a cold. So she tells her sisters to go shopping and she’ll stay home to do homework, later Uchida shows up at the apartment. Then Mako-chan shows up with lots of cold remedies for Kana, and Kana makes a vow to recover before her sisters return home so she can go out to dinner with them.

     As Haruka and Chiaki finish their shopping and start heading home, Chiaki tells Haruka that she can’t wait to get to the steak buffet, and at home Kana’s illness has only gotten worst. Once they get home Kana tries to hide her illness but soon Chiaki figures out that she’s really ill this time, and Kana throws herself at Chiaki’s mercy.

     The next skit is about how Kana wants to again challenge Fujioka and she goes to Chiaki for help, Chiaki feels sorry for Fujioka because she feels that he’ll never be able to tell Kana his true feelings. So, Chiaki tells Kana to ask Fujioka to call her by her first name then when he’s distracted she can attack him. So, Kana executes the plan and while he’s distracted she attacks him from behind, but all she ends up doing is basically hugging him, making him very happy. Well, That’s all for this episode.

     Well, only two episodes of Minami-ke  are left and so many plot-lines to tie up, oh I forgot this is anime, the home of unresolved plot-lines.

     In this episode Touma’s true nature is almost discovered by Fujioka, but I don’t understand the big deal Touma makes about this, even if Fujioka finds out she’d be just another girl of many that Fujioka sees at the Minami household, and Fujioka only has eyes for Kana.

     But basically this episode revolves around Kana’s little plots and plans, all involving Kana’s avoidance of work or chores, and in the end they always end up backfiring on her, call it Kana karma or as Chiaki might phrase it, as a “idiots reward”. But to me the funniest part was the ending with Chiaki feeling sorry for Fujioka not being able to “express his love of Kana”, I feel that Chiaki’s wrong about this, Fujioka done everything but throw her against a locker and kiss her, he’s told her that he likes her, he’s asked her out on a date, he’s bought her gifts, hell he’s even seen her nude, and her always hangs around her, she just too stupid to see it. But in the end, Chiaki’s advice to Kana gives him everything that he was looking for :).