This episode begins with Kana returning home from her meeting with Maki and Atsuko, her and telling Chiaki about Haruka’s departure for overseas studies, Chiaki can’t believe it and says she’ll go ask her about it, and basically Kana says not to bother Haruka, let Haruka decide her future for herself, and if she decides to go we’ll send her off with a smile.

     The atmosphere at home is very tense and gloomy with Kana and Chiaki reading a lot of meaning into all of Haruka’s words. At school everyone asks Chiaki about Haruka’s departure, Uchida and Yoshino both think it would be exciting to travel the world. Then at Haruka’s school, Hayami starts planning a big party for Haruka, and when Hosaka overhears the news he says that he needs to get a passport. Then at Kana’s school Keiko tells Kana that they’ll be friends forever and she write her no matter where she lives.

       Later, Kana and Chiaki decide to prove to Haruka that they can take care of themselves by taking care of the household chores. So the kids begin to try their skills and cooking and so forth, and Kana has recruited Touma and Makoto as taste testers for the meal, and it does not go well for them.

      As Touma and Makoto slowly suffer, the other girls’ cooking gets slightly better, but they must all succeed for Haruka’s sake. That night while Chiaki and Kana are lying awake in bed, Kana tells Chiaki that it’s much harder than she thought to do all the stuff that Haruka does for them, and she wonders if that’s the reason why Haruka’s leaving them, then Kana crawls into bed with Chiaki to sleep for the night. The next morning Haruka is awaken before 7am by the noises caused by Kana and Chiaki doing the house cleaning.

      Kana and Chiaki both tell Haruka to go back to her room and rest while they will take care of everything, and Haruka hangs out in her room and feels uncomfortable just sitting there. Haruka asks them if they need some help but she is told that they are fine by themselves.

     After the cleaning duties are finished, Kana and Chiaki prepare dinner for Haruka, and when Haruka finally eats the meal she thinks that it’s very good. Haruka then tells them that she’s surprised that they can cook and take care of the chores, Kana tells her that they can do it when they get serious about it, and then Kana tells Haruka that now she can fly off without any worries. Chiaki also tells Haruka the same thing, but begins to start crying, and Haruka is confused about what is going on here.

      Finally, Chiaki breaks down completely and throws herself at Haruka and tells her not to leave, and then a little while later Kana begins to cry too and also throws herself on Haruka. Haruka asks them who told them that she was leaving and Kana tells her that she found it out from Maki, and Haruka tells them that she’s not going overseas to study, she just couldn’t leave the two of them. At the very end of the episode we get a montage of the girls with their various groups of friends enjoying themselves and having a good time. Well, that’s all for this series.

     Well, this was a funny and touching final episode for the series. This whole series has always been about the interactions between the three sister, with groups of friends thrown in to spice up the action. But in the end the episode shows the love and caring that they all have for one another.

     What surprised me was how the normally selfish and lazy Kana was able to be strong and hold it together until the very end, she even was able to think of Haruka’s future before her own needs for once. Looking back at the last 26 episodes this series finished the way it started, three sisters loving and caring for each other. Overall, this series was a funny, mellow, and relaxing look into the lives of three anime girls, and I’ll miss the weekly enjoyment it brought me. Hopefully this anime will see a North American release, but with current market conditions I doubt it.