Note: (for those new to this series, Kaiba is the name of the main character in this series, Warp is the name that Popo gives to Kaiba in the first episode, and Warp is also the name of the King/Prince that rules the world, and Chroniko is the name of the female body that Kaiba’s memories inhabited for several episodes, and Kaiba will often give her/his name as Warp when asked for one)

     This episode starts off with a flashback to a time when Popo, Neiro and his sister were young, with Popo stating that someday he’ll be a king and the two girls pledging to help him. Then we see that Kaiba is still alive but in another body, and then we see the King (Warp) getting a report that another memory tank was destroyed by rebels. Later, we see a rebel meeting where Neiro is getting praised by the rebel leader (Dada) for destroying the largest memory tank so far.

      After the Dada leaves, Popo calls out one of the rebels for trying to get a replacement body for his sister, this is strictly forbidden in the rebel movement, humans must live only to their normal lifespans. Soon the boss (Dada) orders the execution of the offender and all other members who use memory chips.


      Later we get to see Neiro and Popo together after the meeting, and we get to see some flashbacks from Neiro’s and Popo’s past. Then Popo gets summoned outside by Cheki (his sister) for a situation that might involve his mother, he gets brought outside to identify whether or not a old robot is his mother, from earlier flashbacks the robot is probably his mother, but like Judas he denies her several times. Later, Popo returns to the scene of the denial and seems to regret his decision to deny his mother.

     Then Popo has a discussion with another member about how Warp is still in charge of everything, and that he is aware of the fact that the body that Kaiba inhabited in the first episode was found and that the memory chip is missing. Also the person that discovered Warp’s body also found a statue (Meiri) that interests the King greatly. Then Popo is taken to a factory to see where Warp’s body is being held.

      We see  that a collector has managed to acquire lots of copies of Warp’s body, he tells someone that so many copies are made because very few can hold all the abilities of the real Warp, only about one in every two thousand bodies can take the full power, and that the real body bears the proper mark. After hearing this, Kichi attempts to shot the collector but his security system disarms and injuries him, he offer Kichi a deal. He’ll transfer his memories into the body and Kichi can take over as king and he’ll reap the rewards of being the king’s helper. Just then the ostrich like creature from the first episode breaks in and snatches the body away from both of them.


     In the fight that ensues Kichi manages to kill the body collector and tries to escape with the body just as Popo and the other guy shows up. Then we find out that the Warp sitting on the throne is fake and is almost powerless and that the body that was taken is the real body of Warp. Later, Popo is summoned to see Dada and the other other guy tells Popo not to go, he says that if he knows about Popo’s mother exchanging her real body for a robot body, and Popo using a different body than his original body, and that Popo has altered Neiro’s memories that Dada most likely knows about this too. He also gives Popo the memory chip belonging to his mother saying that she had already been scrapped,  and that he’ll help Popo deal with Dada.

     At Popo’s meeting with Dada, Popo and his allies attack and subdue Dada before he is attacked, after they unmask Dada and his helpers they discover that their are actually three Dada’s and that they are all are fake Warp bodies. Popo forces the three to take them to a secret chamber where they find ancient machinery from two thousand years ago, and they also see the approach of the memory eating plant “Kaiba”.

      At the end of the episode we see Hyo-Hyo with the real Warp’s body, and we find out that Hyo-Hyo is a copy of Neiro’s memories, and a technician tells Hyo-Hyo that now that they have her boyfriend’s body he’ll soon restore her memories. Well, that’s all for this episode.

       This episode was very interesting for several reasons, mainly we find out the story behind Kaiba’s/Warp’s body. So, the body from the first episode is the real body of the King and that the current Warp sitting on the throne is a fake, so that means that Kaiba is probably the true king.

     This episode also shows that Hyo-Hyo is a incarnation of Neiro, so Neiro has been looking after her boyfriend Kaiba/Warp for most of the series. This episode also puts into question Popo’s true nature, good or evil? On one hand he might be “good” because he fights against oppression, or does he really want to take over himself. Also he shows weak character when he denies his mother several times just like Judas did to Jesus.

      Also it is shown that Popo has altered Neiro’s memories, did he do this because Neiro loved Warp instead of him, in several flashbacks Warp’s body is shown wearing a Popo mask when he’s around Neiro. This whole “super Warp” body issue brings up a question in my mind, if you have a indestructible body why would you need several copies? Also, is the approaching of “Kaiba” the planet consuming memory eating plant the beginning of the end for the main world?