This episode of Moetan  begins with Ink, Sumi, and Nao getting ready for their senior exams, and Ink has a flashback to the magical kingdom, with Arcs getting in trouble with Alice again for making comments that her breast are too large. Sumi and Ka-kun seem to be in love and he vows to return with Sumi to be with her, and Ah-kun vows to return with Ink to help her along with her relationship with Nao.

       As a “joke” Alice sends them back to the human world but sends the two guys back as animals again to keep them out of trouble. At school Ink’s grades seems to be slipping due too her worrying about her relationship with Nao. Sumi sees that something is bothering Ink and she has a talk with her about the situation, and comes up with a solution to the situation, if Ink can’t transform anymore, so what, nothing a little cosplay can’t solve. So they go shopping for the materials to make Ink a Pastel Ink uniform, and Later the king asks Alice to return to the human world once again.

      Once Ink arrives at Nao’s house she has to use the front door (no magical powers anymore) and Mio isn’t fooled in the least bit by the costume, so over tea Ink confesses the magic girl story to Mio and how she used it to be near Nao. Well, Mio tells Ink that Nao is in the bath and Ink almost explodes from the thought of a wet Nao.

       Just then, Ah-kun interrupts Ink’s thoughts and tells her not to think of such things, but as Ah-kun looks at Mio he immediately thinks of bath scenes of almost every girl form this series. Just as Mio lays some justice on Ah-kun, her brother Nao finishes his bath and sees Ink inside the house, but soon calls her Pastel Ink, and Mio is surprised at his stupidity.

      Then we change scenes to Sumi’s house where Sumi seems worried about Ink, so Ka-kun suggests she cosplay into Tempura Sumi, and Ka-kun gets treated into a non magical strip tease until Sumi notices that he’s watching with intense concentration. Back in Nao’s room the English lesson seems to be going well, but finally Nao asks her why she’s teaching him English? After not answering for awhile Pastel Ink finally tells him that someone who wishes the best for him asked her to help him.

     Just as Mio is watching breaking news about Alice on TV, Sumi shows up at the door just like Ink did (it sure sucks to not have magic powers any more).  Mio lets her in and shows her to Nao’s room where she makes sure that proper teaching is going on. Later at home, Ink is in the bath when Ah-kun asks her what happens when the tests are over, and after Ink throws him out she vows to go to college with Nao. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, the end of Moetan  quickly approaches, after the defeat of the main enemy in episode 10 all that’s left to do is wrap up some loose ends. As the series ends Ink, Sumi, and Nao are about to end their current phase of life and are about to embark on a new journey.

     Final exams and high school graduation approaches the crew, will Nao score high enough to get into college, will Ink’s and Nao’s relationship every progress to the point where her frustration is ended, and will Ah-kun and Ka-kun have to remain as animals in this world (well, I bet Sumi hopes not), these questions will most likely be answered (or I hope so).

     One of the funniest things about this episode was seeing Ink and Sumi having to deal with losing their magical powers, seeing Sumi and Ink having to walk and knock on a door instead of flying was just too cute, also watching them both freeze their asses off in the cold was pretty funny.

     In most magic girl shows the magical girl when transformed has some ability to confuse or fool the people around them into not seeing who they really are. This disguise ability only goes so far, most magic girls will try to never transform in front of other because this usually will ruin their cover. While the transformed magic girl is usually only slightly different from her normal self most people never figure out their real identity, but sometimes close female friends will correctly guess their true identities.

      This issue of having a secret identity for the magic girl can be a source of joy and frustration when their crushes is involved. While it’s great for them to get the attention from the guy while they are transformed it’s also a source of frustration for them. While the guys that they like might lavishes attention on their transformed selves they can’t see that the cute, sweet, and loving girl sitting next to them in class, or living next door to them is the same girl that they watch in wonder, after all it’s the inner qualities of the magic girl that’s makes them magical.