This new anime series is based on a series of novels written by Atsuko Asano, the novels also received a manga adaptation by Toshitsugu Īda and the series was published in Shonen Manga Magazine. The opening song is titled Aoi Kakera and sung by Chara, the opening tune has a upbeat feel to it but also has a low fidelity feel to the music, the opening features Ran and her female friends just hanging out around town and doing stuff like window shopping, and trying on clothes.

      This series begins with our main protagonist, Ran, a first year junior high school girl, having dreams/visions of a mysterious girl she doesn’t know. Then we see that Ran and her friend are both on the school’s track team and they get teased by some of their older teammates about being new students, and later we meet Ran’s childhood male friend/boyfriend who is waiting for her after school. While walking home from school with Rui, Ran again hears a female voice telling her that “it will begin soon”.

      Later that night we see a computer worker being haunted at work then being attacked by a ghostly person and a “ghost” dog. In the morning we get to see Ran’s family, her older brother Rin, her mother Reina a wannabe horror novelist, her father Ronpei, and their two cats Kisshou and Kenketsu. While sitting down for breakfast together her family sees the newscast about the computer worker demise.

     At the breakfast table Ran’s mother makes the comment that it sure is strange that so many strange incidents have been occurring in their small town, just then Ran hears the same voice from before startling her, she chalks it up to her imagination. On her way to meet Rui the mysterious voice tells Ran that it’s not her imagination. While out shopping with Ran, Rui figures out that something is bothering Ran and at first she won’t tell him what’s wrong, but a while later she admits to him that she is hearing a voice, and he tells her not to worry about it. He reminds her of the time when they were kids and voices lead her to finding the kittens that now live with her family, but just then she is mentally attacked by the voice, and it tells her all he is doing is sweet talking her up.

      Just as Ran begins to recover from the attach, Rui is attacked causing him pain in his head and neck, Ran begins to search the crowd for the attacker and focuses in on a dark haired girl. As the girl runs off, Ran and Rui begin to give chase but the girl gets away. Later we see the dark haired girl sitting alone at home having flashbacks from her childhood, it seems that she was made to feel weird because of her powers. It also seems that Ran has made a psychic connection to the dark haired girl’s dreams and her feelings of pain and loneliness.

      Just as Ran’s homeroom is about to begin their teacher introduces a new transfer to the class, Midori Naha, the very same girl that Ran and Rui chased the other day. After the introduction is finished Ran can hear Midori’s thoughts and Midori can also hear Ran’s thoughts and they seem to be able to communicate by telepathy. Midori causes Ran’s pencil case to fly open and fall on the floor and Rui helps her cover this up, but Midori says she’ll now attack Rui, and Ran rushes to his aid and her powers activate causing school items to attack Midori but she stops the attack, and Ran is confused about what is happening.

      Midori tells Ran that her thoughts caused the attack, and she tells Ran to show her more of her powers or else, and she begins to attack Rui again. Ran gets very angry and the sky above the school darkens and lightning begins to flash and as Ran is about to attack Midori, Rui intervenes stopping Ran from attacking Midori, Midori tries to goad Ran into showing off more of her powers but Ran slaps her in the face and tells her that if she has something to say, say it with her mouth. So the episode ends with a face off between Ran and Midori, well that’s all for now.

       Well, I feel that this is a pretty interesting first episode there were several things I liked about the first episode. The animation style pays great attention to background and everyday surroundings, while the animation style is nicely drawn and the the colors are vivid and crisp, the character designs are reminiscent of a style from a few years ago, even though this is a shonen series it has a somewhat dreamy quality found in typical shojo series.

Things I liked about this anime.

1. Ran’s family seems normal and nice, no real weirdo’s there.

2. Ran is cute, but not lolied up.

3. The other girls are normal looking for anime, some cute, some plain, and even some that are somewhat chunky.

4. Rui, Ran’s Bf, while having no special powers he isn’t a helpless, stupid, bumbling, clumsy oaf around girls.

Things that I found typical for anime of this type.

1. Ran running late to school, why are anime girls always running late to school, would they be late to their own funerals?

2. Why is the mysterious girl always dark haired, I know that this is anime but you have thousands of colors to choose from.

3. And why is the transfer student always strange in some way, don’t transfer students in Japan just end up being normal.

4. Midori friend or foe, but more than likely a tsundere girl, doesn’t almost every series have one of these girls lately.

      Overall I found this to be an interesting and engaging first episode, nice animation quality, good music that fits the story properly, interesting characters, and a fairly well written beginning storyline. I’ll cover a few more episode before I decide if I’ll do a episode by episode review or If I’ll just watch this series for enjoyment.