This episode begins with the teacher calming things down between Ran and Midori by getting them to return to their seats, the class is dismayed by what happened and some of them chalk it up to freak electrical discharges. After the students return to their seats the teacher passes out a test and even though Ran forgot to study she guesses (uses her intuition)  and gets everything right causing problems with her friend Saeko. She chases her friend out into the hallway where Ran can hear Saeko venting mean thoughts about Ran, when Ran tries to talk to her she runs away from her saying it seems that Ran can read her mind.

      Later on, Ran begins to hear everybody’s thoughts and it’s not very pleasant for her since most of the thoughts are about the little incident between her and Midori. Soon, Ran is almost overwhelmed by the thoughts of the other students when Midori breaks in to her mind and congratulates her for having more power than she expected her to have, and she tells Ran to enjoy her new powers. She tells Ran that she is a monster just like her and that if anyone was to find out they would lock her up as a test subject.

      Ran is very upset and goes to see Rui but can’t bring herself to talk with him because she wonders what will happen if he thinks something about her she doesn’t want to hear. Once she gets home she begins to understand that not all thoughts are about backstabbing or depressing and begins to feel better. Later Rui stops over and they go for a walk by the river where Ran confesses her ability to her other peoples thoughts to him, and he comforts her by saying that’s who she is it’s just another part of her. Ran is cheered up by their conversation, and she wonders why she can’t hear Rui’s thoughts.

      Just as Ran and Rui are about to leave the river they are attacked by Fumi who seems to be possessed  by some bad power, Rui protects Ran from Fumi, but soon the dog is about to leap on them when some power inside Ran triggers and Fumi is soon disabled and turned back to normal. Again Midori shows up and her and Ran are about to have a confrontation but Ran isn’t baited into it this time and Midori runs off in frustration. When Ran is back at home she wonders what Midori meant when she told her that there is another person with powers when her brother interrupts her thoughts by bringing her some information about the strange events happening in their city.

      This information leads Ran and her brother to come to the conclusion that the victims were being mind controlled by some one, and then Ran becomes frighten for Rui’s safety. Ran get a premonition about Rui and starts to rush to his aid when she gets a phone call from Rui’s father telling her that Rui is missing. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, this episode was a slow paced but interesting episode, Midori seems to be the trigger that turned Ran passive telepathic powers to active powers. I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that Midori’s not a bad person but a person that’s been rejected by everyone that’s ever found out about her powers, so she thinks that she doing Ran a favor by trying to get her to not trust Rui and other people.

      In this episode Ran gets a basic explanation of her powers from Midori, Midori tells her that everyone has a transmitter that broadcasts their thoughts outwardly, but only a few people have the ability to receive those thoughts. But it’s more than that, obviously Midori can also do some basic mind control on people and animals, so Ran probably this ability too. Also, the girls have more than just telepathy they also have the power of telekinesis (the ability to affect/move matter or object form a distance).

      So, what I think this anime is going to turnout to be is a paranormal detective adventure for junior high school kids. I’ve heard some criticism of this series, with some blogger saying that the situations in this anime are cheesy and not very scary. Well, I think that they are wrong, this anime features 7th graders so the danger/horror level is in the proper place, deranged dogs, things that go bump in the night, and glowing eyes in the dark is appropriate level for 7th grade adventures. So, I feel that this series will be about nice kids going on scary adventures for 7th grades. This show isn’t Detective Conan, featuring a young man trapped in a kid’s body, surrounded by adults investigating serial killers and so forth.

        Author’s smart assed comment, (telepathic junior high girls, damn maybe that’s why I had no game in junior high school, those girls could read my mind and figure out what I really wanted!)