This episode begins with Ink studying at home for school finals with her mother encouraging her on, and telling her that she meet her father at college. At school the stress of exams is starting to effect Ink’s other friends especially Rina, and it seems that Sumi is under even more stress.

       Japanese Cultural Note (the period where high school students take their final exams and take their college entrance exams is known as exam hell or in Japanese as juken jigoku,  as many as 2/3 of students fail to get in to the colleges of their first choice, if they fail their entrance exams they can attend a lower status junior college or try again next year becoming a ronin, think of anime like Love Hina,  or Shin-chan)

     Later, Ink offers to help Sumi with her English studies but Sumi refuses because she’s too proud to accept the help, and she feels that exams are a battle to be fought alone. In the hallway Ink comes across Nao who is also studying for exams and they have a talk that turns nostalgic about high school ending soon. That evening Ink goes over to Nao’s house as Pastel Ink and Mio has almost completely given up on calling her Pastel Ink and just calls her Ink. Then Sumi decides to change into Tempera Sumi to go over to Nao’s house too.

      So, at Nao’s house, Pastel Ink conducts English lessons for Nao and Tempera Sumi while the mascots read ecchi magazines. The next day the students continue the exam preparation then finally comes the moment of truth, Moezugi University test day. Then the show fast forwards to the spring where Remi and Rina seem to be college students now, and Alice is working on her new single.


     Also we get to see Ah-kun walking around town and it seems that he knows everyone and everyone likes him.


      Even the police officer is missing Dandy lately until he shows back up and leads him on a chase, and he disappears around a corner. The officer asks Mio if she has seen a suspicious man, and she says no, but by her side is a dog that looks like Dandy and Mio calls him Da-kun, oh-my. Then another magic girl shows up to attack Mio but she falls down and Da-kun tells Mio to transform, and Mio transforms into magical Mio. Da-kun enjoys the show as much as the other mascots but Mio is much harsher on him the the other girls’ are to their mascots.

     Da-kun steps in and destroys the other magic girl’s mascots before Mio does anything, and the other magic girl retreats quickly. Well, at the end we see that both Sumi and Ink made it into college, and Ink got her dream of attending college with Nao. Well, that’s all for this episode.



       Well, as far as I’m concerned Moetan  ended as sweetly and kindly as possible (1 DVD only episode remains). To me everything was wrapped up nicely, Ink and Nao are in college together, Sumi is in college too and she has Ka-kun, Alice-chan’s career is going nicely and the evil has been expelled from her, Remi and Rina are still together, and Arcs and Alice have made up.

     Moetan, unlike other high school anime actually shows us a little of what happens after high school even if it was only about 10 minutes worth, after all life doesn’t end after high school.

    To me Moetan  was a loving send up of the magic girl genre intended for long time male fans, even with all the fan service and ecchi moments all the girls were good girls. I really enjoyed all the parodies and spoofs of other magic girl series (someday I might try to list them all) but I’m sure that after watching over 25 years or anime I would probably still miss half of them.

      One of the most interesting characters in this series was Arcs/Ah-kun, he can almost be seen as a surrogate for the male viewer. He comes from another world and is deposited in a foreign world as a magical mascot, he gets to drool all over the loli magic girls but because of his form he can never touch/enjoy the objects of his desire, and this is just like the male viewer, he may desire the magic girls but due to him being real and the girls being animated he may only drool just like Ah-kun.