This episode begins with the fake Warp being told by an electronic device that a suitable replacement body with the correct DNA type is almost ready, this new body will be the 99th.  Then we see someone examining Kaiba’s first body and he determines that the body still contains massive amounts of frozen and abandoned memories, and he tells Hyo-Hyo that if he activates all those memories there aren’t enough drives in the universe to contain them. But just as he’s about to activate the memories the hideout comes under attack from Popo’s allies.

     Later we see Popo rallying the rebels by telling them that the Warp in heaven is fake and that they now hold the real Warp’s body so now is the time for them to strike. They will strike down the fake Warp and the real Warp, and attack will be lead by Neiro.

      Then we get to see Cheki confronting Neiro by asking her what happened to her old self, when they were young all Neiro wanted to do was make people happy, and now she’s destroying memory tanks and basically killing people. She asks Neiro to wake up, and asks her what did Popo do to change her, but before she can answer, Popo orders his sister taken away. But before that can happen she breaks free and threatens to jump from a platform, she asks them why they broke the memory transfer rule and destroyed the memory tanks. When they think that Cheki is above something they shoot to freeze her so her fall isn’t that far.

      Then we see Popo threatening the three failed Warps/Dadas into helping him with his plans, and then we see then internal conflict inside of Neiro, she is torn by her good nature and her feelings for revenge against Warp and heaven.

     Well, the three Dadas lure the fake Warp to a meeting and when they are alone they zap him into green goo. Then Popo revives Kaiba’s original body and memories, and he tells Warp/Kaiba that Neiro is a traitor and that he should kill her when he has the chance. As Neiro approaches she fire her large weapon and the blast frees Hyo-Hyo and the engineer that was helping Hyo-Hyo earlier. The blasts also knocks Warp/Kaiba down and she points her weapon at Kaiba/Warp and Hyo-Hyo points a weapon at her, she continues to fire at him as Hyo-Hyo saves Warp/Kaiba from falling, while all the time the engineer keeps asking Neiro for time to explain what is happening.

      Just as Neiro has Kaiba/Warp cornered she thinks to herself that this isn’t right and that she misses him, but Popo keeps telling her to shoot. Just then the engineer (Kichi) tells Neiro that she used to love Warp and the hatred inside of her was implanted into her, and even though Warp was evil he changed because of their love for each other. Kichi tells her that he became Popo’s man and implanted those memories inside of her, and he tells her that he placed Kaiba’s face on all her unhappy memories and put Popo’s face on all her good memories. He tells her that after she died once, Kaiba/Warp collected all her memories and remade her even leaving in the bad memories.

      As Kaiba starts to approach Neiro she starts to see through all the memory alterations, but as all her good memories come back to her she still shoots Kaiba and as he’s falling Hyo-Hyo goes after him. As Popo is celebrating his victory Neiro is in tears asking for someone to help her. As Popo leaves Neiro flushed with victory Neiro is in tears next to Kaiba’s body, but Cheki tells her not to worry because Hyo-Hyo has her true memories of how she and Kaiba meet, and everything that really happened to her. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, as far as I’m concerned this was the best Kaiba episode so far, this episode shows how truly damaged and wounded Neiro’s mind really is. As Kaiba has progressed I had various theories as to who Kaiba and Popo really were, for a while I thought that Kaiba was really a copy of Warp sent to have Neiro fall in love with him and destroy the rebellion from the inside.

      Then for a while I thought that Popo’s mind might have been taken over by Warp so that he could use Popo’s body to completely destroy the rebellion, after all there is no better to destroy an organization then from the inside. But, it seems that the answer is much simpler than that, Kaiba/Warp and Neiro really do love each other, and Popo’s lust for Neiro, revenge, and power has lead him to forsake his mother, wound his sister, and nearly destroy Neiro’s mind. One word of advise for Popo “what profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul”