This episode begins with Ran running out of her house when she finds out that Rui is missing, and her brother stops her and asks whats going on. Ran  then tells her brother the whole story about her finding out that she has special powers, he thinks that it’s great to have a sister with super powers, and together they head over to Rui’s house to investigate his disappearance.

       While inside Rui’s room Ran picks up some background psychic energy traces, and with the help of her brother they are able to determine that Rui is most likely being help on top of the middle school’s roof, and they rush off to save him.

       At the school, Ran is jumped by Saeko and almost choked to unconsciousness, but her brother saves her from Saeko, and when Saeko awakens she tells them all she can remember is she saw someone with a mask in the school’s library. Rin tells Ran to go save Rui, but he tells her to be careful since the culprit obviously planned this very carefully, on the rooftop Ran is confronted by the masked villain who is holding Rui captive.

        Ran rushes blindly to attack to suspect and is about to get blasted but Midori steps in and saves her, it seems that Midori knows the identity of the attacker but Ran is confused when Midori tells her to think about it. During the confrontation the masked person tells Midori the reason that she looks into every-one’s minds and hearts is because she is afraid to look inside herself, and the masked villain starts to probe inside Midori’s mind.

      After probing Midori’s mind she attacks her by blasting her through the fence guarding the roof, Ran grabs Midori’s hand before she can fall to the ground and Ran gets visions of Midori’s childhood and all the torment she had suffered as a child. Midori tells Ran to let her fall because she has no one, but Ran tells her that there are people that will accept her for who she is.

       She helps Midori back up to the roof and then goes and attacks the masked person, knocking her down and freeing Rui. When she had contact with the bad guy Ran feels the betrayal and suffering the masked woman also felt from other people, she realizes that the woman was like Midori but her mistrust of other people eventually turned to hatred. The bad guy (now revealed to be her teacher) begins to choke and overwhelm Ran with her powers.

        Midori tries to help Ran but is unable to do so, then Rui wakes up and sees the situation and calls out Ran’s name, Rui’s attention or presence some how enhances Ran’s power so that she can escape her teacher. Before their teacher leaves she tells them that friendship and trust are just lies and that you will be betrayed in the end.

      The next day on their way to school Rui, Ran and Midori wonder why their teacher erased every-one’s memories of the incidents except there own. Well, That’s all for this episode.

      The third episode of Telepathy Shojo Ran  has nicely completed the setup phase for the series, now we have our basic detective team set. Ran will be the powerful but rash, emotional, and untrained telepath, she will be the heart and soul of the team, her decisions will always fall towards believing in the better nature of people. Midori will be the more emotionally distant member, she will be loyal and help train Ran in her new powers, but she will be more weary and controlled when dealing with others. Rui will be emotionally supportive of his love Ran, but he will also provide support to Midori, he might have some hidden powers of his own. Rin (when included in the group) will be the information gatherer for the group, he seems good at putting misclleneous information together. Now there you have it, the telepathic junior detective society.

      But, another important thing happened in this episode, Midori was forced to face her inner demons and either defeat them or be destroyed by them. She had to come to the understanding that not everyone is out to hurt or betray her, this understanding is similar to the understanding that Youko Nakajima  from the Twelve Kingdoms  anime was forced to come to. In the Twelve Kingdoms  anime Youko is constantly chased and attacked by others until she is so mistrustful of others that she is almost willing to kill anyone that comes across her, then she battles her inner demons and decides that she can’t go through life hating and fearing everyone, if they betray or hurt her that’s a blemish on their character not hers. Midori had to chose to have friends or turn out like the hate filled teacher they just fought.