This episode begins with Nagisa’s younger brother Ryouta asking her to take him to the local aquarium this weekend to study for a school project, at first she says no but her mother convinces her to take him since she and Nagisa’s father are both busy this weekend. Also, we see Gekidrago getting a final warning about his failures from the dark lord, he must get the prism stones or else.

      That weekend Nagisa and Ryouta meet Honoka at the local aquarium and they begin to walk around checking everything out, Nagisa looks at all the edible fish as tasty, and Ryouta seems infatuated with Honoka. He makes comments about how much smarter Honoka is, and that all Nagisa thinks about is food.

      Just as the group seems to be enjoying the trip Gekidrago shows up and uses his dark powers to take control of the fish. The fish break though the glass and begin to attack the crew, as the aquarium is evacuated Nagisa, Ryouta, and Honoka are trapped inside the building, and Nagisa hides Ryouta while she and Honoka look for an exit.

       While the girls are looking for an exit they run into Gekidrago outside the aquarium, and when he sees the girls he transforms into his final form and begins to chase the girls. He is so powerful now that even Mipple and Mepple are frightened, but the girls still transform and begin to battle him anyway. Ryouta hears the battle outside and begins to worry about the girls so he goes to look for them, and he stumbles into the battle zone and is injured by Gekidrago before Nagisa can protect him.

       By the time Nagisa gets to Ryouta he is knocked unconscious, Nagisa and Honoka are very angry at Gekidrago for getting a small child injured in their battle, and Nagisa takes on Gekidrago by herself for awhile. After kicking his ass for awhile he gets in a lucky shot and stuns Nagisa. But, Honoka jumps into the fight and she starts kicking Gekidrago’s ass herself, and she finally tosses him to the ground.

      While Gekidrago is on the ground the girls prepare to use the Marble Screw attack, and Gekidrago gets up and gets ready to fire is dark power blast. As both opponents fire their blasts, the energy forces meet in the middle, and soon the it becomes a battle of wills. Nagisa and Honoka muster all their passion and will, soon their power begins to overwhelm Gekidrago, and soon he is defeated and his life energy is dispersed back to the dark zone. After Gekidrago is banished a prism stone appears before the girls, now the girls have regained another stone for the garden of light.

      Later, when Ryouta wakes up Nagisa is angry at him for leaving his hiding place until he tells her that he was worried about her and went to look for her. Soon Ryouta and Nagisa share a tearful embrace because they are both overwhelmed with joy that they are now safe. The next day in seems that Ryouta and Nagisa are back to their same old teasing and bickering selves. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, this was a very energetic and action filled episode, I think that the fight scene between the girls and Gekidrago was very well done. The girls engaged in plenty of physical/hand to hand combat with Gekidrago before it became a battle of magical powers. Both Nagisa and Honoka are starting to discover the link between power and passion, usually a magic girl’s power is linked to their will to protect the things they cherish and love. So, when a innocent like Ryouta is injured the girl’s powers rise to reflect their passion to punish the injustice inflicted on a loved one.