This episode begins with Candy telling Sisters Lane and Pony that she will be going to Lakewood to find her happiness. When Sister Pony asks her why the sudden decision, she tells them that Annie and everyone is always saying that you must find your own happiness so she’s going to find it herself. Sister Pony gives Candy her own cross as a gift, and Sister Lane gives Candy a new set of PJ’s as a gift. Sister Pony tells Candy to be strong and not to cry when things get tough, and Candy asks them not to tell the other children that she’s leaving. The next morning Candy goes and says her goodbyes to all the children before they awake, Sister Lane says that of all the children Candy will be the hardest to let go.

      As Candy is walking away from Pony home Kurin tries to leave with her but she tries to give him the slip but he won’t leave her so she tells him to come along. As Candy is walking to Lakewood she runs into Tom and his father, Tom seems to be doing very well with his adoptive parents. Tom and Candy have a lasso contest and Tom finally beats Candy, he tells her that he always did his best because of her. When Candy tells them that she’s being adopted by the Leagans Tom asks her if she would be better off with a regular family, she tells him that she will always be Candy.

      Tom’s father thinks that it’s a bad idea for Candy to move in with the Leagans but he keeps his thoughts to himself, and her tells her to be strong, cheerful, and not to cry. When Candy gets to the Leagan’s house she thinks that it’s right out of a fairy tale, but as she walking up to the door some children (Eliza and Neil) dump water on her from above and make fum out of her. So, Candy uses her lasso to capture Neil, but as she demands an apology, Neil’s mother comes out to see whats going on. Later, Candy gets introduced to the family by Mr. Stewart, and Candy wonders where the prince on the hill is.


      When Candy tries to talk to Neil and Eliza with a friendly tone their mother tells her to call them mister, and miss, and Candy asks if that’s the way siblings talk to each other. The mother asks Mr. Stewart what was Candy told, well, he says that Mr. Leagan wanted Candy as a playmate for Eliza. So the mother tells Candy she’ll be treated as a daughter but she shouldn’t think of Neil or Eliza as her brother and sister. Later, a maid (Dorothy) comes to show Candy to her room in the attic, on the way up Neil and Eliza try to throw a cat at Candy but she dodges it and it hits Dorothy knocking her down the stairs. When Neil uses Candy’s new PJ’s as a rag to wipe his shoes, Candy attacks him, then Neil and Eliza are saved by Mr. Stewart.

      Later in her attic room, Candy says that even though the room isn’t the prettiest it is still a room just for her. Later the mother calls Candy downstairs where she tells Candy to apologise or leave, and Candy says that she’ll leave rather than live with such horrible people. Just then, Mister Leagan walks in and tells them the he thought that a strong country girl like Candy might strengthen them up, as they begin to argue with him he tells everyone to just let it go, and then he retires form the room for the night.

      After the father leaves the room, Neil and Eliza still demand an apology from Candy but she refuses to apologize, so the mother tells Candy that if she refuses she will fire Dorothy. They make Candy kneel and apologize in order to save Dorothy’s job, and later when she’s in her room Candy breaks down in tears even though everyone told her to be strong. As Candy is crying in her room, Dorothy comes in and consoles her, and Candy asks her if she’s unhappy and why she just doesn’t leave. She tells Candy that she has eight brothers and sisters, and that whenever she’s unhappy she just thinks about them.

     As Dorothy and Candy are talking, Kurin knocks over a picture and it turns out to be Candy’s prince on the hill, and Candy asks if Dorothy knows him, and she says yes he comes around every once and a while. So, Candy resolves to stay and tough it out because she’ll soon be with her prince. Well, that’s all for now.

      Sometimes fairy tales come true and sometimes they don’t, and it looks like Candy’s tale is about to turn in to a Brothers Grimm dark tale. Candy the bright, cheerful, outgoing girl who’s never lied in her life has just walked into a den of wolves, and since she’s never dealt with those kind of people she’s in for a rude awakening. Mr. Leagan’s intentions might have been in the right place by wanting Candy to change his children, but he clearly doesn’t like strife so he won’t stand on the side of right.

     Candy, at this point should have gotten the hell out of that house but decides to try and tough it out after talking with Dorothy. When Candy finds out that her “prince on the hill” visits the Leagan every so often it just strengthens her resolve to stay, ah-love, what a powerful thing. This anime is great shojo melodrama, the romantic dreams of a sweet young girl collides with the cruel reality of a uncaring household, while life for Candy will be dark and foreboding, it will make her moments of joy even sweeter.