This episode begins with Judy writing a letter to John Smith explaining that she has found her goal, Judy will become an author. Judy received a letter from a magazine publishing company and they really like her work and they want her to send future stories to them because they might want to publish them. Later, Judy gets a phone call from Jimmie and as he is about to ask her out Julia buts in and she decides to meet him in town, and she hangs to phone up before he can talk with Judy.

     When the girls meet Jimmie in town he tries to ask Judy on a date but Julia ends up inviting herself along and spends most of her time with Jimmie. Later that day, Jimmie invites Judy to spend the summer with Sallie and him at their parents’ summer house, Judy accepts saying that daddy will probably say yes.

      A few days later Judy gets a letter from Walter Griggs stating that he wants Judy to spend the summer at the Lock Willow Farm, just like last year. Judy is upset and writes back asking why she can’t spend the summer with the McBride’s, she thinks that it’s unfair to not be able to spend the summer with Sallie and her family.

       On the last day of class Judy checks her mailbox for a letter and says since John Smith hasn’t replied he must have agreed with her position and will allow her to go to the McBride’s. That night Judy has packed for her trip to the McBride’s, but in the middle of the night Miss Sloan brings Judy a telegram from Walter Griggs, and the note tells Judy to go to the farm as ordered. Judy is very upset because the letter contained no explanation as to why he won’t let her go to the McBride’s.

      The next day Judy breaks the bad news to Julia, Sallie, and Jimmie, and Jimmie tells Judy to just say the telegram never arrived but Judy can’t do that. After Jimmie leaves, Judy is very upset and she goes back to her room and vows to become independent and not have to rely on anyone. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, this episode ends Judy’s, Sallie’s, and Julia’s junior year of high school, while this should have been a happy occasion for everyone it wasn’t for Judy. After spending the Christmas and New Years holidays with Sallie and Jimmie’s family Judy really wanted to spend the summer with her friends. But her guardian, John Smith wanted her to go back to the Lock Willow Farm again.

      When Judy first left the orphanage Judy lacked any normal life experience, so spending the summer at the farm opened a whole new world to her. But, now Judy has close friends and her world has grown wider so spending the summer at the farm seems kind of closed in scope to her. Also, Judy is starting to mature rapidly, while Judy honors her guardian’s decisions she no longer feels that orders without explanations are very respectful towards her. These small incidents between her guardian and her just fuels her drive to become independent and self-supporting.

      Also, it was quite funny watching Jimmie trying to hookup with Judy while Julia tries her best to get Jimmie’s attention. As I have said in earlier reviews Judy’s relationship with Jimmie will cause problems in the future, she views Jimmie as the brother she never had while Jimmie sees her as marriage material, Judy has told Sallie this before but she needs to tells poor Jimmie, so Julia can hookup if Jimmie is willing.