This episode begins with Ran and Midori becoming closer and more comfortable around each other, then Ran, Midori, and Rui start planning a trip they can go on during Golden Week. Ran and Midori argue about which hot spring to visit (yes, all anime must have a Onsen visit), but Rui wants to go to Hayate village because of an old legend. The village was supposed to have had a woman who could control people using magical grass (Emahi grass) (I don’t know about Emahi grass but in my younger days I knew of a few brands of grass that could control my mind), as Ran and Midori are arguing about the village they get a telepathic call for help coming from a woman.

       Midori seems to have had a bad reaction to their shared vision so Ran invites her back to her house for rest and dinner. Once they get to Ran’s house Midori seems to be instantly smitten by Ran’s older brother Rin, so she starts sucking up to Ran’s family by being super friendly and polite, much to Ran’s dismay.

       During dinner Midori keeps fawning over Rin, and later Ran’s father asks them if they want to go to a village called Hayate, he has a friend their that wanted his help researching some grass. Ran, Rui, and Midori  agree to go with him, but Rin and Ran’s mother have to stay home because of school exams and a book deadline. At the train station the group encounters a strange fog and Midori gets a uneasy feeling about the place, and they run into a group of villagers that are about to attack them until Ran’s father returns with his friend (Takizawa).

      On the drive towards the village Ran picks up some strange visions from her father’s friend and a sweet grass smell gets stronger, later Midori tries to read his mind but is blocked, so she warns Ran to be wary of him. Oh, by the way there is a monkey involved (Sanae) he clings to Rui making Ran jealous. When they get to Takizawa house they are served a meal made by a beautiful woman named Yurie, Ran’s father know both Takizawa and Yurie from their college days. While in Takizawa’s house the monkey seems to dislike/ fear Yurie.

       After looking over some pictures of Takizawa and Yurie, Ran asks them if Takizawa and Yurie were friends from childhood that were married, and when they say yes she makes comparisons between their situation and her and Rui’s current situation. Then Takizawa, Ran’s father, Ran, and Rui go to look for the magical grass Midori stays behind with Yurie. As they are driving through town Rui and Ran sees everybody fleeing at the sight of Takizawa’s car, and this makes them very uneasy.

      After a drive through the village, the group must proceed on foot and Ran hears a voice calling for help, back at the house Midori has even more visions. A guest arrives at the house and when Midori mentions Yurie’s name he flees in terror. Once the group arrives at the location of the grass, Ran again hears a voice calling for help. A little while later Midori hears the fleeing guest calling for help as his car is out of control and heading towards a wall, Midori tries to use her powers to save him but they won’t work and the car crashes into the wall. As Midori drags the man out of the car she uses her powers to tell Ran that the village is very dangerous. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, this episode begins the first adventure of our junior high school physic detective agency. A couple of interesting but not unexpected things occur in this episode, first of all Ran and Midori seem to have become pretty good friends, it’s kind of nice seeing Midori in a relaxed and casual state.

      The second and not quite unexpected thing that happened in this episode was Midori falling for Ran’s older brother Rin. Midori, the girl that never really had any friends, is finally growing comfortable around people she feels will accept her or at least won’t hurt her is now able be like a almost normal girl, crushes and all.

      Overall, this is a nicely paced and executed anime with a supernatural plot line geared towards viewers of the junior high school age range, it has danger but a more mood and fear based danger rather than a violent and bloody danger. The show has romance in it, but is a general romance theme, Ran has a boyfriend and Midori is crushing on Ran’s brother, but it’s a romantic feel, not actual romance, blushing, flirting, small fleeting accidental touches here and there, nothing even mildly sexual in nature. I feel that it’s a nice anime for it’s intended viewing audience.

      Oh, I also like Midori’s sassy nature, I found it quite funny when Ran tells her she’s not acting cute now, and Midori replies that if she’s not cute than no other girl in the world can be called cute.