This episode begins with Judy reflecting on the things that have happened since she’s left the orphanage and how she doesn’t want to go back to that life, so she can’t disobey the orders of her guardian. Judy spends the stormy night alone remembering the past and having mixed feelings towards her guardian John Smith, while he has shown her great kindness she feels that he hasn’t thought of her feeling much, so she vows to get better at writing so she won’t have to depend on anyone in the future.

       As the storm gets worse the power goes on and off in the dorm and eventually Miss Sloan and Judy end up together, and try both try to act like the storm doesn’t bother them but it does. The next morning is bright and sunny and Miss Sloan and Judy both finish packing for the summer, Miss Sloan asks Judy if she wants a ride to the station but Judy tells her she’ll walk there instead.

     As Judy walks around the campus she reflects on her life and how she thought she would be free once she got out of the orphanage. When she makes her way to the school’s gate she sees someone from her past, Sadie.  After an awkward first few minutes, Judy invites Sadie to the restaurant where she, Sallie, and Julia hangout at for some lunch. Judy asks Sadie why she’s in town and Sadie tells her that she’s on her way to Atlanta for a job, and that she was finally able to get out of the orphanage. At lunch Judy catches up on the news about everybody from the orphanage, almost everybody Judy knew has either been adopted, left, or retired.

     While walking to the station Judy and Sadie talk about a lot of things, and when they get to the station they say their goodbyes. Before Judy leaves she asks Sadie if she’s changed and Sadie tells her that she’s still the same Judy as before. When the train pulls away, Judy realizes that she’s been spending too much time brooding about what should have been or dwelling on the past. Judy also realizes that everyone is already on their own paths, so she must more towards the future. Well, That’s all for this episode.

       I feel that this was a pretty sweet episode even if the first half was basically a recap of Judy’s experiences as an orphan and her time at high school. But the heart of this episode is about moving towards the future and transcending the past. Sadie’s visit with Judy was a great catalyst for kicking starting Judy, Judy’s been brooding about the orphanage and the past but Sadie made Judy realize that almost everybody she knew is moving down a different so the actual possibility for her returning to the orphanage is zero. Judy now understands that she must walk down her own path to the future and make what she can out of the opportunities given to her.

     Lastly, while Judy thought that she would be free once she left the orphanage she still feels trapped, but it’s a prison of her own creation. As Judy is growing up to be a woman, she must comes to grips with who she really is, the only reason the past holds fear for Judy is because she lets it. When Judy is finally able to look in the mirror and accept what she sees then she can tell everyone who she is; Judy Abbot, a woman, a former orphan, a good honest person. Then she can let people choose to accept her or reject her, the ones that do are her real friends, and the ones that don’t aren’t worth a second thought.