This episode begins with Midori dragging the injured man out of the van then she sends a message to Ran telling her to be careful. At the site of the Emahi grass, Ran and her group discovers that the grass starts to bloom when they laugh, soon Ran is walking among the grass laughing and she almost falls down a waterfall, but Rui saves her. Just as Takizawa is telling Ran about someone who fell down the falls he starts to get extreme mental pain.

      Then Takizawa gets a cellphone call telling him about the accident at his house, so they have to leave the site and Ran and Rui notice than the Emahi grass closes up as they are leaving. Later that night when Takizawa returns from the hospital Midori uses her power to question Takizawa about the Emahi grass and what happened long ago, but she can only draw out so much info before he’s ends up in great pain. Later Rui and Midori get into an argument about hurting people, he tells her that he’s worried about her and Ran losing their humanity, but Midori says that sometimes you have to hurt people. After overhearing a phone call from the hospital, Midori, Ran, and Rui rush to the wounded man’s room in time to save him from Yurie. Then they discover evidence that the real Yurie died over two months ago and is now being replaced by someone else.

      When they return to Takizawa’s house they discover that Yurie is really their old school teacher Momoko, and she tells them about how she discovered the Emahi grass and how the real Yurie died. Takizawa overhears this and is great pain, Midori tells him to fight through the pain and discover the truth, but soon Ran runs off saying that the Emahi grass is calling out to her. Once they get to the Emahi grass Momoko tells them that they can be like gods using the grass, but soon the grass starts reacting to something and Midori gets scared. Then the Emahi grass attacks Midori and drags her underwater, and just before she loses consciousness she thinks to herself this is what she had a vision of.

       After Rui and Ran drag Midori out for the water they discover she’s not breathing so Rui begins CPR but it’s not working. Momoko tells Ran that life is very fragile as Ran grabs Midori’s body and starts to hug it calling out her name. Soon a reaction begins to take place centered on Ran and it begins to engulf the whole mountainside, and once it subsides Midori is back to normal and Momoko is very confused.

      Soon all the Emahi grass starts to fade and they deduce that Midori and Ran were summoned by the Emahi grass so that Ran could make use of the grass so it could fade away to grow and bloom again someday. Then Midori tells Momoko that the reason she stayed at the village after Yurie died is because she wanted to be happy and she wanted to try living as Yurie. When Momoko tries to deny it, Midori tells her that it true because that what she always wanted, friendship, and love, and a little while later Momoko vanishes into the mist. When they return to Takizawa’s house Ran’s father tells them that Takizawa is recovering from the loss of Yurie, but he’ll try to help him by being there for him and by having some drinks with him. That’s all for this episode.

       This episode brings about a nice conclusion to the Emahi grass story, the main point to this episode was about friendship and love. Momoko shows up again and becomes friends with Takizawa and his wife Yurie, and when Yurie was killed by accident Momoko decides to use her powers to take Yurie’s place. Midori calls it exactly right, there is no way she would have kept acting as Takizawa’s wife if she wasn’t lonely and wanted to be loved.

      Midori is very convincing when she tells Momoko that she’s lying when she she says she doesn’t need either love or friendship, because that’s what she (Midori) has always wanted. Oh, by the way, whats up with hot evil women not getting enough, it seems that all Momoko needs is to get is the treatment Liv gets in Magical twilight.  Rin better look out since Midori says that she wants love, but he doesn’t have to worry since she’s legal in Japan.