This episode begins two days before the opening of the sweets shop, while Ono is prepping the kitchen Tachibana comes in sporting a sexy, refined waiter look, and he also shows Ono a cute maid outfit for a girl he wants to hire. Ono breaks the bad news to Tachibana, he has extreme problems working around young girls (my only problem with that is I become too distracted).

     Just then Eiji Kanda (the injured boxer from the first episode) is jogging down the street when he’s sees the help wanted sign in the sweets shop’s window, he ignores the “female” part of the flier and barges in and demands a job. Tachibana takes him before Ono and asks him if he’s his type, and when Ono says no Tachibana hires him, when Eiji asks what that was all about, he tells Eiji that Ono is epically gay. After eating one of Ono’s confections Eiji is instantly smitten with the taste of Ono’s baking calling him a God and saying that everything that’s been called cake before is a lie. Soon, Eiji is begging to be hired as a trainee, while Tachibana is against this he has to give into his genius baker.

     That night Ono is busy teaching Eiji some of the basics of pastry prepping when Tachibana asks him what he did before this, and Eiji tells them he was a boxer. Later we see at a boxing gym a coach trying to get one of his boxers (Thunder) to retire. Later that night a female customer (Thunder’s girlfriend) walks in to the shop but Tachibana tells her the shops not open yet, but he gives her a gift of cake for stopping by, and as she’s leaving she tells them she’s never seen a shop with so many hot guys. As she’s about to leave Thunder shows up and recognizes Eiji asking him what is a world champion boxer doing working at a cake shop, he kind of puts down Eiji for not boxing. 

      later the three guys discuss why they are at a sweets shop, Tachibana doesn’t like sweets, but he knows that cute girls love them, Ono followed a lover to France where he learned to bake, and Eiji doesn’t tell them why he quit boxing but he does loves sweets. The next day Ono and Eiji are busy making lots of yummy looking lies, and later the woman from last night stops back in and asks to talk with Eiji about boxing. She wants to know about boxing so she can better understand her boyfriend, and he tells her the truth about his injury and how he would go back to boxing if he could.

       Later after his losing fight Thunder meets up with his girlfriend and she tells him good job even though he lost, she asks him if he’s willing to quit for her, and he tells her no. But, he asks her to have their baby anyway and he’ll watch it when she’s not around. Later, she stops back at the bakery to talk with Eiji, and asks him for a cake he made, but he tells her that he’s just a trainee and can’t make one yet. But, Tachibana gives her a cake to take home, and then Thunder shows up and tells Eiji that he’ll buy one of his cakes when he wins a fight. Later as the couple is walking home happy Eiji tells them that he’ll bake them a great wedding cake someday. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Cake is a lie, cake is a lie, cake is a lie, noooooooooooooo I want some cake!

Feed me some cake!

Cake for guys!

Cake for girls!

      Well, I really enjoyed this episode of Antique Bakery, I thought it was very funny how gg Fansubs replaced the word cake with the word lie throughout this episode, cake is a lie. Normally I’m not a fan of Bishounen type anime for reasons stated in my episode one review but I’m enjoying this series. I can understand Tachibana’s reasons for opening a sweet shop, girls love sweets, in real life sometimes things can seem strange, do you ever wonder why so many girls’ gymnastic coaches are men?

      Now to Ono, a gay guy who followed a lover to France where he learned to be a master pastry baker, how very stereotypical but very funny. Now Eiji, I can best understand his reasons for wanting to be a pastry baker, while his first love is boxing he really loves cake, so if you can’t be boxer why not be a baker? I think that this series has a pretty good mix of funny and interesting characters to keep the story moving in a very humorous direction. Everyone remember, cake is a lie, hell nooooo, we all want some cake!