This episode begins with Tayura cooking dinner for Chizuru when someone knocks at their door and when he opens it he sees Nozomu standing there. Later at school Nozomu seems to be putting more refined moves on Kouta, and the other girls in class think her tactics are straight out of a relationship guide. Tayura is laughing in the corner of the classroom, and when the other girls ask him whats up he tells them that since Chizuru is shirking her chores at home he told Nozomu what women’s magazines Chizuru is reading, this makes Chizuru very angry.


        Later at lunch Kouta gets backed into a corner by Chizuru and Nozomu, they both made him lunch and he must decide which one is better. The girls from his class have turned it into a contest, under extreme pressure from both girls he tries to eat both lunches at the same time landing him in the nurse’s office.

      Later the girls try the same thing again and again he ends up damaging himself by trying to eat both at the same time. The next day at lunch both girls present Kouta with lunches that aren’t even edible and he melts down before he can even sample any of it.

      This goes on for days with the lunches getting worse and worse, and Chizuru even begins to inflict her poor cooking on her classmates, and finally Akane tells Kouta to just tell the truth to Chizuru if he really cares for her. So, at lunch Kouta takes Chizuru outside to talk to her about the lunches and as he’s about to tell her, they get attacked by two students Omi and Mio. Kouta is injured when he blocks an attack from Omi that’s aimed a Chizuru.

     Once they find out that they injured a human they begin to apologise, so in order to help Kouta, Chizuru takes Mio inside the school to releases some her toad oil (it helps heal things). Then Chizuru rubs the oil all over herself so she can apply the oil to Kouta as first aid. As she’s applying the oil soapland style to Kouta, Nozomu shows up and also begins to apply toad oil to him, and after a while he recovers only to experience a oily overload.


       The next day at school Chizuru is about to fight Nozomu when he remembers Akane’s advise and he scolds her because of her bad behavior. Chizuru gets upset over Kouta’s scolding and she runs out of the classroom tears and Akane tells Kouta now he has to go after her. When he finds her she is happy that he cares enough to get angry at her, so she says she’ll take any punishment for being a bad girl. A spanking is suggested and soon Chizuru readies herself for a spanking in the raw, and soon Kouta gives her a smack but she wants more, so he really gives it to her. Well, That’s all for this episode.

      Well, it been a while since I’ve watched a episode of Kanokon but now I’ve finished a couple of backlogged series and now I can get back to Kanokon. The last episode was loaded with fan-service and pretty much nothing else, but this episode cuts back on the fan-service and adds some typical anime school situations.

       This episode was about the typical anime school situation about a girl making a bento for her man, but instead of one bento the guy has to choose between two almost toxic bento. Now for the fan-service, there were only two major skits involving skin, the fist one was the two girls applying oil to Kouta’s body, and the second one was of Chizuru demanding a spanking in the raw.

      I don’t know about you, but to me Kanokon is at it’s funniest when it’s being very naughty. I feel the reason that this series has to be naughty is that there is so little beef in the plot that normal anime skits can’t carry the series.

      Now for my rant: For god sakes Kouta just do the two girls and get it over with, but that probably won’t happen. If Japanese guys and gals don’t step away from the TVs and cellphones and start having some real sex there won’t be many Japanese people around in about fifty years.